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David Caruso Is the operator of Dynamic Events, a company that produces stylish corporate events, parties, charitable gala and weddings around the world.Homosexual David spoke with Libby Collins in this week’s episode WTMJ conversation..

Part of the conversation was transcribed by eCourt Reporters, Inc.

LIBBY COLLINS: Have you ever had a moment when you talked to your family, told your friends, “Well, I’m gay,” and decided they always knew a kind of thing?

David Caruso: This is also a good question. I — Most of the time, as you know, everyone knew a kind. That wasn’t really the case — I had to sit down and talk to them, for example. Now there were certainly moments, and one of them was with my dad. I mean, my parents, yes, I spent that time with my parents. Actually, at first, apart from my father, it was a very quick and a little casual conversation. It wasn’t too serious and I was heading somewhere. So I talked a bit and went to see my friends.

I had a friend who came out, but it wasn’t something. For me, people understood it. Just want you to know, we support you. I will support you. I love you. Don’t worry, thank you for being my friend. I am accepting you And when that happened, it was really, really special to me.

Of course, there are amazing sisters. I’m really happy that my nephew and niece have always really accepted me, and I think they like to have a gay uncle.

But there is one too. Again, I keep telling my mother that I want my parents to think because she knew her intuition in particular. Together, for years, she was already studying and talking to people. She attended several retreats for parents of gay children and learned how to deal with her emotions around them and how to be a good parent for gay children. And she was already working before we had a conversation.And I really think it made a big difference for her, for my father, for our family, and for me.

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