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Franklin, Tennessee (WKRN) — Being 100 years old is often headlined, but for Jerry Neil, it’s just a footnote to life.

“I love the Lord, have a good wife and good genes, and drink a glass of wine every day,” Neil said.

Men in Nashville are devoted husbands, fathers, and “grandmas.” Neil has retired four times, each striving for a successful adventure focused on giving back.

“You always have to spend time on service. Help your peers,” he said.

His dedication to selfless service began in World War II when CPT Neil piloted the Army Air Corps piloting the B17 and B24 in the Eighth Air Force’s 490th Bomb Group.

He survived Operation Overlord, commonly known as D-Day, one of the most famous missions in our history.

Armed with the crew and 10 500-pound bombs, he was tasked with blocking the movement of the enemy, turning for several hours but failing to get a clear shot due to the weather.

“My flight engineer said you were out of fuel, and just then all of those four big giant engines stopped. It was eerily quiet,” Neil recalls. I will.

His crew saved when he plunged into the English Channel.

“Similarly [it] Flare out, it was like God put it there. It was a large rock wall in the middle of the waterway. I pull back and hit the rock bar. We broke the window and went out onto the wings and sat there to check ourselves, “Neil said, tapping her body.

Only the co-pilot CPT Neil and one crew member survived. Six men have died.

He continued to fly about 100 more missions during World War II, losing his dear friends along the way.

Neil was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He is also an Air Medal winner with five oak leaf clusters, each representing a heroic act. He is grateful at that time in his life, but now he says he is in his prime minister.

“I know it’s been years away. You know God is trying to decide it, but I enjoy it until he takes me to a better place.” Said Neil with a smile.

WWII pilot turns 100, recalls plane crash on D-Day Source link WWII pilot turns 100, recalls plane crash on D-Day

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