Xcel Energy says 700 homes in Elyria Swansea should have gas again by Monday – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-07-31 17:25:30 –

The eastern half of Elyria-Swansea is in turmoil this weekend.

Dozens of intersections have been closed as Xcel Energy workers dig into the asphalt and replace thousands of feet of gas pipes nearby. Residents have not been able to use gas services since Wednesday, when the company stopped service due to pipe problems with flooded gas pipes.

“It was hard. I had to boil my water just to get hot water,” 15-year-old Jose Ramirez told us on Saturday.

He was waiting in line at the taco truck that Xcel arranged to distribute free meals at Lorraine Granado Community Park. Utility spokesman Holly Velázquez Holbus said as many as 400 people who couldn’t cook at home came out for a hot meal every day. She told us that 700 customers have gone without gas since Wednesday.

“The water and gas pipes were rubbing against each other, causing corrosion and starting to get water into the gas pipes, which is very dangerous,” she said on Saturday.

In short, the company needed to reduce service to everyone.

Kevin J. Beatty / Denverite

“It took me a few days to figure out where the water source came from and wipe it all out. It’s currently under repair,” she said. They decided to work hard on those repairs. In other words, the customer has to wait a little longer. “What we did was take advantage of the situation and repair some of the other old dilapidated pipes in the neighborhood, which is reliable, resilient and very good clean for our customers. There is a system. “

Velasquez Horvath added that everyone should restore gas by Sunday night.

A power outage arrived as the neighborhood dealt with all kinds of external pressure.

Construction workers are nothing new in Elyria Swansea. Just a few blocks from the Xcel crew, Saturday workers continued to work on the I-70 expansion project. I’ve been rattling my neighborhood for years..The National Western Stockshow campus is also undergoing a major redevelopment at the western end of the neighborhood, officials said. Now trying to convince voters to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to complete their vision..

This week, numerous closures and detours have added another element of confusion to nearby streets.

Yadira Sanchez, who was still out of gas at home on Saturday, said he was able to smell and taste the gas in the air a few days ago. She talked about a recent conversation with her distraught neighbor.

“She was screaming and crying,” she said. She remembered her friend’s words. “This is BS. We have to do something! Construction has already affected our lives. There are rerouting everywhere and now we can’t even take a shower and go to work. mosquito?”

Lots of salsa by Taco Slack Xcel Energy arranged to feed people without gas in Elyria Swansea. July 31, 2021.

Kevin J. Beatty / Denverite

Equipment for Elyria Swansea's new gas line. July 31, 2021.

Kevin J. Beatty / Denverite

In the park where people lined up to get free tacos, Xcel staff handed out fact sheets to help people navigate difficult moments. Among the offerings were shower vouchers at the downtown YMCA in Denver and the Wreck Center in Commerce City.

“I was great, yeah. Let’s go to the toll parking lot to take a shower,” she ridiculed.

Sanchez was still wrapping his head in everything when we spoke. She said that in addition to the power outage, everything else happening here caused anxiety about the future of the neighborhood. Especially because house prices have risen here Because they are in the cityShe is worried that she will soon be completely expelled from Denver.

“I will be homeless,” she said. “This will continue to escalate to the point that my family and I, we don’t have a home.”

Other residents reduced panic and stopped. Ramirez, for example, said he didn’t mind boiling water to take a shower.

Marcus Channy, who was also waiting for a free taco, said it was “quite rough” for the past few days, but his biggest complaint was that anyone at Xcel could give directions to the park. It was not possible. It’s listed under a different name on Google Maps, and the Xcel customer service representative who received his call was based in Wisconsin and couldn’t provide much help.

Elyria Swansea's new gas line plumbing. July 31, 2021.

Kevin J. Beatty / Denverite

The Xcel Energy crew is working overtime to replace a large number of Elyria Swansea gas lines. July 31, 2021.

Kevin J. Beatty / Denverite

Christina Palacios said she grew up in Elilias Onesie and lived here for 27 years, which made her neighborhood better. Power outages haven’t been a big deal so far, she recently impulsively bought an air fryer to take care of hot meals. However, she was waiting for the hot water to return, so she was finally able to give the 4-year-old child a bath.

Still, Palacios said he knew that his neighbors were suffering from the construction of the I-70 and the noise and rumbling from work trucks roaming the streets on a daily basis. From time to time, the CDOT crew hits the power lines and knocks out electricity for everyone living nearby.

If Xcel delivers it to the timeline and regass it by Sunday, she’s okay.

“If it lasts (longer), it will be a bigger deal,” she said. “At that time, I will feel it.”

Xcel Energy says 700 homes in Elyria Swansea should have gas again by Monday Source link Xcel Energy says 700 homes in Elyria Swansea should have gas again by Monday

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