Xcel Energy seeks new rate increase in Colorado – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-20 13:15:48 –

Colorado Xcel Energy customers will be charged higher from October 1st if state regulators approve the utility’s request for a rate increase.

Xcel said the price of natural gas has risen sharply as demand is above supply and 20% below historical averages. In addition, the gas treatment facility was damaged by Hurricane Aida when it struck the Gulf Coast in August.

Monthly billing for typical residential natural gas customers is expected to rise by an average of $ 11.22, up 14.38%. SMEs can increase their rates by an average of $ 48.50, or 15.83%.

Colorado Xcel customers’ typical residential electricity prices are expected to grow 2.69% to $ 1.91 / month, and SMEs’ typical bills are expected to increase by $ 2.96 (2.58%) per month. Will be.

Electricity costs are affected because Xcel uses natural gas to fuel some power plants.

According to Xcel, rate changes are passed to customers in dollars, with a few exceptions. The company said it was not profiting from rising prices in the natural gas market.

The new price is valid for 3 months.

In July, the utility submitted the following request to the Colorado Public Utility Commission: Rate goes up A total of $ 343 million. Residential customers will see an average increase in monthly electricity bills of $ 9.46, and typical small business customers will see an increase in monthly bills of $ 14.46.

Xcel Energy seeks new rate increase in Colorado Source link Xcel Energy seeks new rate increase in Colorado

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