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Xicha Brewing Co. offers new beer and culinary options while celebrating its Latin roots

Located in Salem, Xicha Brewing Co. offers Mexican lager and food from different Latino countries. (KOIN)

Salem, Oregon (KOIN) — Step into Salem’s Xicha Brewing Co., where you’ll be greeted by vibrant colors and Latin pop music with a Mexican-style lager.

Latino breweries respect Hispanic culture with a few twists. Xicha Brewing offers beer options that people are familiar with and have a special twist on, such as the Guava Golden Ale.

Ricardo Antunez, part of Xicha’s owner, told KOIN 6 News that the project is the only Latino brewery in the Pacific Northwest.

“Obviously, all Latin American beers are made in Europe, so it was always fun to taste and get some kind of taste just by trying to find the right flavor profile.” Untunes says.

Visit Xicha Brewing Co. in Salem and be greeted by bright colors, food and beer. (KOIN)

Breweries usually have 8-10 bottles of beer with their own taps.

The menu includes a variety of dishes from different Latin American countries, including Chimichanga, a fried flour burrito. Another popular dish, according to Antunes, is the ordering of small taquitos.

It may not always be real, but Untunes added that it is important to celebrate Latino and Hispanic cultures.

“The great thing is that a new generation of kids can eat, drink and bring their parents to show us how to taste IPA and how to drink fruit beer,” he said.

The name of the brewery – Xicha – also has an interesting origin.

“The conquerors wrote back about this fermented beverage, which tasted very similar to its hometown ale because it was fermented corn when it first arrived in the Americas. After all, it was beer and very much. It was similar to, “Remembered Untunes.

Xicha Brewing Co in Salem. Ricardo Antunez, the owner of some of the restaurants, serves its customers. (KOIN)

Xicha Brewing Co. is looking to the future and wants to bring Latin roots.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, the brewery will also hold a weekly special to introduce Latin American countries until October 15.

Xicha Brewing: ‘We’re the only Latinx brewery in the PNW’ Source link Xicha Brewing: ‘We’re the only Latinx brewery in the PNW’

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