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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (NEXSTAR) — Judges Illinois A woman in Yellowstone National Park was put in jail for four days for not escaping while a grizzly bear carrying two Cubs approached her dangerously.

On Wednesday, 25-year-old Samantha R. Deling of Carol Stream, Illinois, pleaded guilty to deliberately remaining, approaching, and taking pictures of wildlife within 100 yards.

This is a legal restriction on getting closer to wolves and bears in Yellowstone, but prosecutors say Dehring continued to take pictures as the bears approached closer than May 10.

When the grizzly sow and her two offspring approached the group, witnesses said all visitors except Dehring had returned to their car. Billings gazette..

The bear was eventually bluff charged and ran in Dehring, but turned his back without attacking. Dehring’s lawyer did not return a phone message on Thursday for comment.

“The wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is certainly wild. The park is not a zoo where you can see animals in a fenced enclosure. They are free to roam their natural habitats and are threatened. We will respond accordingly, “said Bob Murray, Deputy Federal Attorney for the United States, in a news release. “It’s absolutely stupid to approach a grizzly bear with the Cubs. Here, pure luck is why Dehring is a criminal defendant, not a beaten tourist.”

On May 25, Yellowstone National Park shared an image of a woman and asked for help in identifying her.

According to court records, investigators visited the woman’s Facebook page and posted a photo of the grizzly bear with the caption “The beauty of this place is absolutely flooring.”

An average of one bear attack occurs annually in the park, according to people familiar with Yellowstone National Park. I recommend People never feed or approach animals, and if they get too close to the car, they will not use the car horn to drive them away.Hikers and campers should Perform these steps If they encounter a bear closely.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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