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Yellowstone National Park partially reopens after historic flooding – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2022-06-22 14:52:12 –

Visitors returned to the altered landscape of Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday. Partially reopened, perhaps for months, after a record flood that reshaped the park’s rivers and canyons, wiped out numerous roads, and made some areas famous for wildlife observation inaccessible. did.

Park managers raised the gate for the first time on Wednesday at 8 am at three of the five entrances to Yellowstone. On June 13, 10,000 visitors were ordered after rivers in northern Wyoming and southern Montana surged across embankments following heavy rains accelerating spring. Snowmelt.

Some of America’s first national park attractions, such as Old Faithful, will be revisited. Old Faithful is a legendary geyser that emits clockwork-like steam squirts more than 12 times a day.

However, the thermal features around bears, wolves, bison, and mammoth hot springs roaming the wild Lamar Valley are out of reach. The park’s wildlife-rich northern half was closed until at least early July, leaving major routes to the park cut off near Montana’s tourist cities of Gardiner, Red Lodge and Cooke City. Become.

It is unknown how many visitors will appear immediately after the flood. Park managers were preparing for a large number of people when the park celebrated its 150th anniversary in a year after recording 4.9 million visits.

“One million people visit Yellowstone each month in July and August,” said Yellowstone director Camshory. “Half of the park doesn’t get a complete visit.”

To reduce the number of visitors while repairs continue, park managers use a system that allows only cars with an even number on the license plate to enter even days, but the last number is odd. Cars can come on odd days.

Groups of visitors traveling together in different cars are exempt from the license plate system and people making reservations at campgrounds and hotels in the park.

If traffic along the park’s 400-mile road becomes unmanageable, Sholly said authorities will impose a reservation system to enter the park.

Resumption is coming as Yellowstone officials are still tabulating the extent of the damage. Based on disasters in other national parks, reconstruction can take years and cost high price tags. It is an environmentally sensitive landscape with a huge underground plumbing system that leads to geysers, hot springs and other thermal features of the park. The construction season lasts only from the thaw in spring to the first snowfall. This is a narrow window, which means that some roads will only receive temporary repairs this year.

This has left some Montana communities at a dead end rather than a gateway to Yellowstone, damaging tourism-dependent economies. They are also still struggling to wipe out the damage to hundreds of homes and businesses that were hit by the Yellowstone, Stillwater, and Clarksfolk rivers.

For others, the rebound may be faster. Yellowstone tour guide Derek Drymin said the four groups heading to the park on Wednesday were full.

“I think cars are piled up and trying to be the first people to enter the park after a thousand years of flooding,” he said.

Additional reporting via Associated Press.

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Yellowstone National Park partially reopens after historic flooding Source link Yellowstone National Park partially reopens after historic flooding

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