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York Winery

                                     York Winery

The city of Nasik is famous for its vineyards. It is also known as the wine capital of Nasik. Nasik houses some very prominent wineries. One of them being the York Winery. It is situated on an expansive area of 9 acres in Nasik. This picturesque estate is not only known for its brilliant wine options but also for its scenic beauty.

More about York Winery

York Winery was established in the year 2005 by Lilo Gurnani. It was his vision and zest for wine that led to the establishment of this wonderful winery. The soils and climate of Nasik are ideal for setting up a winery. Lilo Gurnani was bright enough to sense this. York Winery specializes in producing high quality wine. The people associated with this winery work with passion and dedication to produce good quality wine.

York Winery has a hill on the southern side and a lake in the northern side of this estate. These natural elements gives this winery a unique touch. It not only accentuates the beauty of this place but is one of the important factors for helping in the production of grapes. The backwaters of the Gangapur Dam are visible from there. This is another reason which helps in the grape production. The grapes used in making wine at York Winery are produced with extreme care. This is reflected in the quality of wine produced in here.

York Winery has won numerous awards for its excellence in this field. The most recent of them being a gold medal in Indian Wine Consumers Choice Awards (IWCCA) 2017.

Wines by York Winery

York Winery excels in producing versatile varieties of wine. One of them is the variety named All Rounder. It is of two types, white and red. Others include White, Rose, Red, Arros, Sparkling and Dessert.

Things to do at York Winery

York Winery gives a person a number of opportunities to unravel the secrets of wine making through tours and tastings. The tasting room housed in this estate is a marvel for visitors. One can make prior reservations too for experiencing the delicacies of the tasting room. This attracts a large number of visitors to York Winery. It is thus ‘the’ destination for wine lovers and enthusiasts. People from different parts of Nasik, Maharashtra and entire India come here. York Winery has come up as a major tourist destination. One can taste the finely prepared different varieties of wine here in one visit. The tours conducted by York Winery is definitely a mesmerizing experience. This clean and well-maintained property is worth being explored. The panoramic view of the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam is a treat to the eyes. People love coming here with friends and family and enjoy idle walks with friends and family in the beautiful vineyards of York Winery.

York Winery is a heaven for photography fanatics. The beautiful landscapes present in here with the hills on one side and a lake on the other coupled with the beautiful green vineyards makes this estate a beautiful photography spot.

Wine tasting and tours are conducted on all days of the weel i.e. from Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm at York Winery. Then this place has the provision for guided wine tastings. This is conducted from Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 10 pm. Tasting room opening hours is from 12 pm to 10 pm too.

York Winery houses a beautiful restaurant at the side of the winery named as the Cellar Door. The restaurant enjoys the spectacular view of the lake and the hills. It serves Indian cuisine cooked with North Indian and local Maharashtrain spices. The main aim of this restraint is to eradicate the common myth that wine does not go with Indian food. The menu of this place is designed keeping in mind York wines. When in here one can enjoy scrumptious food coupled with an exotic tinge of wine. Cellar Door is open on weekdays from 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm and from 12:30 pm to late during the weekends.

A Tourist’s Guide

York Winery is situated at a 15 min drive from the main city of Nasik. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station which is at a distance of 23.6 km from here. The nearest airport is Gandhinagar International Airport which is at a distance of 19.6 km from York Winery. One can easily find public transport form Nasik. York Winery does not have accommodation facility. So, one can book a hotel in Nasik. Room are available both online and offline here.

A visit to York Winery is a must if you are a wine lover. York Winery gives its visitor the unique opportunity to taste fine varieties of wine as well as enjoy some wonderful scenery.

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