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Warning: You may be curious about the details and images in this article.

Yosemite National Park, California-Yosemite National Park Ranger Shared a catastrophically sad story About the encounter with the bear’s mother who couldn’t leave the side of the cub killed by the car.

The story was posted on the park’s Facebook page On Friday, what happened after the rangers received what they said was a too familiar call to a bear who died by the side of the road after being beaten by a driver.

“My job here is really easy. Find a bear, keep your body away from the road, avoid bumping other animals while cleaning on it, fill out a report, and sample for research. “Collect measurements,” says the ranger. I have written.

“It’s pretty ruthless, but the reality behind each of these numbers isn’t.”

The Ranger writes in disastrous details about the moment he found a dead turnip.

“Cub. A small light brown body just a few meters from me and the road, barely visible to passers-by. This is a new cub. It can’t be more than 6 months old and is of a small pine tree. It’s curled up and dead underneath. Standing staring at a small body runs out of time for a moment, but the sound of the car ringing reminds me of my whereabouts and role. A deep sigh. I will continue to work. “”

The ranger says he picked up his body and moved to another location when he heard a sound in a nearby forest after finding a female turnip. The ranger remembered that the sound was a “deep, but soft-sounding growl.”

“I immediately know what it is. It’s a vocalization and a kind sow (female bear) calls on their offspring,” the Ranger writes. “I can feel the apathy flowing out of my body. This bear is a mom and she never left her.”

From there, the ranger details the experience of seeing the mother continue to mourn the loss of her child.

“My heart sinks. It’s been nearly six hours and she hasn’t given up on the turnip yet. It’s easy to imagine that she gave up many times trying to awaken the path. She wasn’t there. I’m very lucky. ”The call to the turnip continues and I feel pain every time. I look back in hopes of responding to her call, but of course nothing. Now here is standing between her sad mother and her. children. I feel like a monster. “

The ranger says he immediately started packing to leave the bear and her girlfriend alone, but set up a remote camera to record the sadness behind the increasing number of bears being hit and killed in the car. did. The camera took a picture of a mourning bear standing on a turnip.

At the end of the Facebook post, the ranger shared an important message to Yosemite visitors. Link To keep the number of bears in the park alive and prosperous.

“When traveling in Yosemite, we all only visit countless animal homes and it is our responsibility to follow the rules that protect them. Beyond the speed limit, drive carefully and become wildlife. Be careful. The bear that protects Yosemite’s black is something we can all do. “

This story was originally published by Jeff Tavess of KSTU.

Yosemite ranger shares sad encounter with bear whose cub was killed by vehicle Source link Yosemite ranger shares sad encounter with bear whose cub was killed by vehicle

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