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You may not want to get your beauty tips from TikTok

Some influencers advise people who are tired of contouring their face with makeup to use a thick sunscreen with a high SPF that applies only to areas they want to emphasize, such as the upper cheekbones and bridge of the nose. doing. The rest of the face is sunburned (and burned) and there is no sunscreen.

This is a hint to face the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendation to wear at least 30 wide-spectrum SPFs on exposed skin. “We know that this is important to do from a very young age, both from the perspective of skin cancer and anti-aging. Therefore, these videos are not for very young viewers. The idea of ​​suggesting that is worrisome, “said Dr. Nathan.

In April, a momentary drink of chlorophyll on other social media platforms boosted interest in TikTok. Amelie Gilber, According to influencer marketing platform Traackr. Called “miracle products” that can increase energy levels, lose weight, and cleanse the skin, doctors say these claims are not supported by research.

Drinking chlorophyll is one of the more harmless recommendations on TikTok, but it’s probably a waste of money. (Sakara Life’s Detox Water Drops and Chlorophyll are priced at $ 39, and Amazon’s Raw Chlorophyll Drops are priced at around $ 20.) Their skin is getting better and their bathroom trips are becoming more regular. “Dr. Sonpal, a gastroenterologist, said.

What is the tendency for doctors to really leave it to the experts to see? Micro need ring. A small needle is used to puncture the skin to produce new collagen. According to Traackr, at TikTok, conversations about microneedling at home expanded in 2020 and already experienced five times more engagement in 2021, which is incredible, according to experts. Risky I’ll do it at home.

Some are the study Medical grade microneedling has been shown to be able to improve skin suppleness and reduce wrinkles. “We need to do it in a really clean and safe environment,” Dr. Engelmann pointed out that there is a high risk of infection. “If you apply enough force to your skin, it can cause color changes, texture changes, scars, and essentially worsen things that are trying to look good, such as fine lines and acne scars.”

You may not want to get your beauty tips from TikTok

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