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Corpus Christi, Texas — Several young business owners have saved a new focus by opening a vintage store in Corpus Christi. The owner of the VNP gallery said guests can find retro threads while quickly traveling down the memorable path.

Jonathan Winfrey, co-owner of the VNP gallery, says he started shopping at thrift shops in 2016. You know you have to find the thrill of hunting and cool pieces, “Winfrey said.

“I took over Mom’s garage, and I had too many clothes everywhere. My mom was like you had to do something with this, so We displayed the first pop-up in March 2016 and called it Thrift Topia, “Winfrey said.

He made a lot of money, decided to open another pop-up shop in 2017, and made even more money. Winfrey and his friend Thomas have taken steps to expand their business and opened the VNP Gallery in 2018.

Emilio Trebino and Jimmy Canella said they loved when customers were in awe when they found their favorite vintage piece.

Emilio Trebino, co-owner of the VNP Gallery, said:

“We’re happy, we don’t just buy and sell shirts that we know make people happy,” said Jimmy Canella, co-owner of the VNP gallery.

Winfrey said he was shopping at his hometown of Goodwills, leaving town, and buying and selling items brought in by guests. “So I know we wash it, steam it, price it, and now it’s on the floor,” Winfrey said.

What is their main mission? Providing cool second-hand clothing to Corpus Christi. “T-shirts aren’t the only ones who know in a way the story behind them,” Canella said. “It all goes back to memory, childhood memory,” said Trebino.

check out VNP gallery Located at 505 S. Water St.

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Young business owners open a vintage store in Corpus Christi Source link Young business owners open a vintage store in Corpus Christi

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