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Young Devin was only eight years old when he created a sensation in soca music. Devin, now 19 and a hot topic in the rap community, reveals how his debut EP, Baby Goat, combines genres.

“Rap was like the last thing in my heart.” Young Devin Was recognized by Hollywood Life Looking back on her early teens, you might be amazed by the freestyle of the youngest BET Hip-Hop Awards Cipher.For a 19-year-old music artist who has been signed by Rap Legend Nicki Minaj For herself, rap began as a “hobby” that diverged from her first passion, soca music. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, the genre was Devin’s starting point for the music industry after playing soca songs in honor of Trinidad’s background at her school’s Heritage Day talent show over a decade ago. It worked. “Performance, it just got crazy. Everyone is crazy. And a week later I was on the radio and people were like,” Who is this little girl? “And I exploded from there, “Devin said exclusively. Hollywood Life Prior to the release of her 8-track debut EP, Baby goat, Will be released on June 18th.

Young Devyn — Its debut EP Baby goat Released June 18th — Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Jadakiss and Lauryn Hill are some of the icons that inspired her to embrace hip-hop on her musical journey. I think there is. She has a contract with record label 4th & Broadway. [Courtesy of Young Devyn]

This “explosion” required Devin to become a well-established name in the soca scene, regularly perform on her own shows and touring with something like a soca icon. Machel Montano And Bungi Garlin.. In 2016, I was a young teenager at the time, but a new curiosity arose. Attracted by Rap’s “metaphor and punchline,” Devin began studying the shape of art while watching a documentary. So Devin, who grew up in East New York, Brooklyn, decided to “try” for himself. “I had a fun hobby for a couple of months … and I started moving my pen and getting the confidence to actually post it on my Instagram like a little” Freestyle Friday “video. So it was like a switch for everyone, “said Devin, recalling how these weekly social media posts started segue on hip-hop.

“Everyone knew at the time that I was doing soca, so doing it every Friday was as pretty as people were looking forward to it,” continued Devin. It was. There was a moment of enlightenment in his career after the MC gave a freestyle rap show called “Becoming Viral.” She “always wanted to make Soca a little more mainstream,” so this may be a way to reach new listeners. With that revelation, Devin knew what to do next. “And that’s when I take it seriously and realize that it may be my way to reach the masses.”

This epiphany sets the foothold that led to Devin’s debut EP with the right name. Baby goat, Combining both her soca sound and hip-hop lyricism into one project. Devin kickstarted her career despite the fact that the next singles on EPs like “Secret” and “Entangle” fell into the camp of what Devin considered “mainstream pop”. I made fun of having the influence of. “Even if you’re not from the Caribbean, you can understand and enjoy it. So I think it’s transcendental everywhere and people will love it. Devin will be on top (or window) this summer. He talked about a fun and frivolous truck that’s perfect for blowing a blast when driving down.

And you have Devin’s solid rap track. One of them, “Straight To It,” was already released to fans in March. Devin exchanged sweet melodies for intense poetry that demanded that he be taken seriously as a rapper. “I got another hoodie for spinach / I can cook the wrapper and turn it like spinach / Everyone knows my body is different and it’s the hottest in the world” t talkin’Guinness / The problem hasn’t started I’m not done / I know Floss Parker like a dentist, yeah. “

Young Devin
Interesting fact: Young Devin was once the only girl on the men’s basketball team and is fluent in Chinese. [Photo Credit: Nigel Wardally]

The next EP was shaped by Devin’s exposure to “various cultures” as an artist who has traveled and performed since the age of eight, as well as different genres. From enjoying a “boat ride” at Sint Maarten to swimming in Tobago, Devin said such an experience “expands your brain.” When it’s time to apply that brain to songwriting, this translates into her music. “I’m just starting to write music on a global scale,” Devin said. Instead of wondering what her city loves, she was thinking about the big picture of what she could do to captivate the world. All of these goals are tied to Devyn’s goal of always transcending one label.

Also, what makes Devin’s work unique is that it doesn’t contain the clear lyrics that she had already been in the spotlight long before this debut EP came out. This hesitation against obscene language and violent themes was not due to her young age. Rather, Devin saw omitting them altogether as much of the writer’s challenge. It sounds more true today as she “gets older,” said the singer rapper. “As we get older, we can say more, and I still choose not to do so, and it really tests your limits,” Devin explained. If you like it, pay attention to them all and put them in a boiling pot … it’s just like the way I understand it. “

It’s one of many things that makes Devin unique in her music, but after attracting the attention of the following stars, in addition to the level of success that couldn’t be achieved at her age: Taraji P. Henson — Above all, Devin just wants to be friendly.

“I definitely want people to know that it’s okay to have a normal person. It feels like it was missing,” Devin observes, and the music is not necessarily ” He pointed out that it doesn’t have to be “always attractive” or “too sexual” (although “nothing wrong”, Devyn confirmed to clarify).Rather, Devin believes in her debut EP Baby goat “The regular emotions we experience in our daily lives, the regular ones … all ages, all genders, wherever we are, we can just be involved.” And what if you are not involved in it? “You are going to respect [the EP] That’s my story, and I’m not over-exaggerating anything, façades or shows, so this is my real life, “said Devin.

Young Devyn Talks Debut EP’Baby Goat,’ Rap & Soca Music – Hollywood Life

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