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Life is a cake for 19-year-old Justin Ellen. Originally from Passaic, NJ, the business is Everything Just Baked. His passion is to create and bake personalized cakes for his clients. Ellen’s baking gifts began to develop from an early age. Full-time entrepreneurs never let it go. The endless possibilities of making cakes continue to enliven him to do what he likes. He makes everything from realistic cakes like apple pies and sandwiches to spectacular wedding cakes.

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“That’s why I’ve loved baking since I was little. I used to bake with my mom and grandma. I used to have all the play ovens like Easy-Bake, so I used the oven. I was able to avoid it, but then I quickly went beyond them and I just kept baking and continuing to bake, “Ellen said. “When I was in high school, I decided to post my work (online), and eventually people … started inquiring after seeing the post, and that was the beginning of a kind of business. NJ According to .com, Ellen I started I made cakes when I was young with the help of my grandmother Teresa Rasmussen and my mother Kimberly Rasmussen.

As the up-and-coming cake decorators grew older, they learned not only to watch YouTube videos around the age of 12 or 13, but also to make and bake cake masterpieces through trial and error.Today’s wedding cake
His favorite cake to make. A client in Newyork and New Jersey is one of the cake fans who patronize his business.However, the premium cake mix sold out Online and in several boutiques based in New York.

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Ellen’s website also offers cake decoration classes. Over 57,000 people follow self-taught bakeries on Instagram. His cake decoration process is often featured there. Justin’s sister, Brianna Ellen, deals with his social media content.

Justin has one or two tricks on his sleeve. Making people believe that cake is a thing is one of the trendy specialties of a bakery.he Is displayed That’s exactly what Netflix’s “Is It Cake” game show does. Justin is one of nine bakeries competing for prizes while trying to trick a celebrity judge.
It’s really a cake, it’s just a general object. According to the trailer, “The three best bakeries compete for the $ 50,000 grand prize.”

All freshly baked photos provided

The young entrepreneur he Selection Someone related to it will comment on a social media post, ask if they want to audition, and then appear on the show. Justin interviewed for a spot and made a cut. Giving up the high school prom and graduation at the time of the offer was Justin’s sacrifice to attend last June.

“Honestly, I think it was worth it, especially at the show, they gave me my mini graduation,” Justin said. “And a lot of people are using Netflix, although not many have the opportunity.
I think it’s definitely worth it. “

In the future, Justin aims to capture retail space in physical stores. in the meantime, click here To see the fascinating cake visuals.You may visit To find out more about Justin’s cake efforts.

Young Entrepreneur Bakes His Way to Netflix and Cake Success – The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper Source link Young Entrepreneur Bakes His Way to Netflix and Cake Success – The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper

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