Young hikers rescued from Mt. Massive – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-12-03 01:01:16 –

Denver — Two 19-year-old hikers were rescued on Monday after asking for help while trying to hike the second highest mountain in Colorado.

Lake County Search and Rescue was informed that two hikers were suffering on Mount Massive around 8 pm on November 28th. Immediately after asking for help, the call hung up before more information was provided to the rescuer.

Overnight, LCSAR and the Colorado Search and Rescue Association tried to narrow down the hikers’ locations, but their efforts were only partially successful due to the hangup.

At dawn the next morning, a full-scale search was launched to search a large area of ​​Mount Massive.

By 11:00 pm, the rescuer found a hiker in the Half Moon Lakes Basin. They were cold, hungry and thirsty, but otherwise in good condition after spending 34 hours in the backcountry with no shelter.

Anna DeBattiste, a CSAR spokeswoman, said hikers did a lot right, such as bending over overnight to prevent injuries, helping the aerial search team on their own, and raising flags.

DeBattiste recommends hikers to bring more gear when completing a large hike like the 14er. It’s important to bring layers, something to make a fire, and more food.

She also recommends hikers call 911 if they need help, not just before the cell phone’s battery runs out. You can also save your battery longer by turning on airplane mode and shutting down apps that drain your phone’s battery to keep your phone warm.

Young hikers rescued from Mt. Massive Source link Young hikers rescued from Mt. Massive

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