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This sponsored column was written by Todd Himes of Beermonger. Arrow-in (4508 Lee Highway).sign up e-mail magazine Special discounts and special offers are available. Order from Arrowine’s Expansion of online store For curve side pickup.

This week I was fortunate enough to go to Nationals Park to watch a game and drink hot dogs and beer for professional purposes.

It wasn’t the first stadium this year, but it was the first time I sat on the newly reopened 300th floor and it was close to my usual seat (even from the point of view of T) -swizzle back in 2015. .. However, the closest district draft stand was down all the way to the 100’s. The purchase of this beer was for Professional Research Purposes ™, so I gave him time to walk back and think. About beer that can be sessioned.

Session beer is difficult to identify with an exact definition. Originating from British and Irish drinking culture, these beers are characterized by low alcohol content (Arrowine aims for less than 5%), high flavor and freshness. You may find stories that workers are allowed to drink “sessions” at work. “Session” means gathering and drinking multiple beers. And you may think that the concept is so ubiquitous that it is not necessary to identify its origin. For many Americans, this was all beer before craft beer grew in the United States. Even now, many of the people I know who drink Imperial Stout and Double IPA will reach for a light lager when long drinks are in the docket.

The walkback up the winding switchback ramp was even more exciting with the right hand raised by Port City Optimal Wit and the wolf. My wife and I always toast the first day with the best wit. The story goes It was Bill Butcher in Port City who lobbied hard to get the District Draft into the park. Besides, it’s a fun beer that you can drink anytime, anywhere. Raised by Wolves stands out for its highly aromatic flavors. As the session came to my mind, the 5% alcohol content really rocked me. It may be because it was a weekday night. Probably because I ordered each large size of 23 ounces.Or maybe it’s because of the time spent tagging and building items in the online store this week. Session beer section of our website.. Whatever the reason, it was the purpose of drinking delicious food, not barrel aging-imperial-coffee-marshmallows.

Never obsolete, this concept has given a lot of power to my beer era. You were aiming for the rise of session IPA following the “extreme beer” era, and for the growing number of large craft producers still implementing low-calorie, sub-4% IPA, a strong British influence. I have. Audience of crafts. On top of that, the rise of craft lagers following the vague IPA wave that is sweeping the industry may be ready to enter the session renaissance.

If you have your favorite sessionable beer, please note that you can drop a comment below and reach the shelves.

Your Beermonger: Are We Poised to Enter a ‘Session Renaissance’? Source link Your Beermonger: Are We Poised to Enter a ‘Session Renaissance’?

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