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As of Friday, 15 Oregon counties “Extreme risk” It’s a category due to the proliferation of COVID cases, so if you’re doing something outside your home, be sure to wear a mask and guide you through a new batch of socially distant activities.From where to find Philly Cheesesteak (including Vegan Cheesesteak), our recommendations are: Papisal’s Lechon Shack) To the pop-up market Haleakala: PDX, And from Rose City Rollers’ Waterfront skate mobile To One moto show At Jider Yard. See the guide for more options. Best online event of the week And The best thing to do all year long..

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Food and drink

Get Philly Cheesesteak. Philly Cheesesteak spends a moment in Portland.The team behind Gabagor I recently opened the cart WithOffers a premium spin of Philadelphia Classic with grass-fed beef and homemade “Cheez Whiz” and a vegan version with Impossible Beef and Cashew Wiz, the new Puerto Rico-Philadelphia cart Papisal’s Lechon Shack Also offers a plant-based “Vegan Joan” take with Smoke Bridgetown Oyster Mushroom, Semolina Onion Rings, Vegan Cheez Whiz and Crispy Shallot Mayonnaise.Other prime cheesesteaks can be found at Grant’s Philly Cheesesteak And Steaka Delphia..

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby. This Saturday will be Kentucky Derby’s 147th run. This is also known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports”. And it’s a solid excuse to wear the lightest hat when cheering for a strangely named thoroughbred. this year, North 45 Pub Will be celebrating with Dress-up viewing On a patio with a mint julep (an unofficial drink for the event).You can also find excellent mint julep Screen door, Between cities, Old gold, Southland whiskey kitchen,and Clyde’s Prime Rib Restaurant & Bar..

Get takeout. Portland returns to the “Extreme Risk” category Indoor meals will be cancelled From today again, takeaway will be back on the menu for the foreseeable future. If you are looking for a premium portable meal that you can enjoy at home Matt barbecue, Lovelyz Fifty Fifty, Cacica, Or Baobao..check out Portland Mercury Contributor Suzette Smith’s Takeaway club column For more ideas to add to your repertoire.

Celebrate vaccination with incentives. If you’re lucky enough to receive that coveted jab in your arms, we have great news: you’re also eligible for some additional perks. You may have already heard of Krispy Kreme’s offer to offer free donuts to people vaccinated daily for a year, but some local businesses are also participating in the action with their own giveaways. I will. Portland Monthly Local cannabis chain Kaya shack Offers the “Pot for Shot” program. The program allows customers to flash their vaccine cards and receive a 10% discount on all purchases until the end of the pandemic. Vault 31 We offer free Jell-O shots to guests who receive them.

Other notable weekend events:

Haleakala: PDX Pop-up Market
Local kitchen group Haleakala: PDX will host a pop-up market for food and drinks from vendors such as Mestizo, Chelsea cakes and skinny chefs, as well as music, art, clothing and crafts. Revenue benefits the non-profit Meals on Us PDX. It works to feed homeless and veteran communities, as well as others affected by food insecurity.
Hale Akara: PDX, Northeast (Saturday)

Spumoni Wine Release
The trendy new local low-intervention winery Spumoni celebrates its first vintage with shrimp cocktails and ice cream, in addition to spouts and bottles for sale.
Someday, southeast (Sunday, May 2)


Celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It makes sense to start a heritage-based holiday with the addition of some new TBRs.On the new side, I’m excited about Michel Sauner’s memoirs. Crying at H MartA Japanese breakfast frontwoman details that a Korean-American grew up in Eugene, Oregon, lost her mother to end-stage pancreatic cancer, and found a connection through food. Going back a few years, Amy Tan’s mistake is undeniable. Joylac ClubFollowing the friendship of four women who emigrated from China to San Francisco in the 1940s, or with John Okada’s standard Seattle set. No-no boyRefuses to serve in the U.S. military, especially young Japanese-American men who are still affected by the trauma of Japanese-American imprisonment during World War II. Powells Is also listed 12 essential books For opportunities to include Chu T’ien Desolate man’s note, Ocean Vuong’s On earth we are easily gorgeous, And of Grace Star Sun Body paper.. Once you have a new reading Restaurant owned by AAPI As famous now Non Khao Man Gai Or recently opened Crested ibis Plan a visit to the AAPI Cultural Center like Portland Japanese Garden Or Oregon Japanese American Museum (Opening May 6th next Thursday).

Distribute flowers on May Day, It’s the beginning of spring. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it was common for people to put flower baskets at each other’s front door before yelling “May baskets!” (Natch) And play cheerfully. But if you want to celebrate without the confusing look of a passerby, pick up a small bouquet or a flower on a stem and give it to a friend (or, better yet, your favorite Marxist-5. May 1st is also May Day). For last-minute options, PSU Farmers Market Order tulips on Saturday or for curbside pickups Portland nursery..

Art & film

About endlessness
A couple’s vignette in war-torn Germany, a father and daughter bravely confronting heavy rain, a teenager dancing outside a cafe, and a defeated army marching towards a prison camp are from a famous Swedish director. Roy Andersson constitutes these reflections on the human condition.
Southwest Living Room Theater (Friday-Sunday)

Bloom | PICA’s Open Air Fundraising Activities
Celebrate the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art with an “anti-gala” at the end of the year. This “anti-gala” can be streamed at home or enjoyed from the car at a drive-in (tickets are limited).Expect performance from flower, Moorea Masa, Frankie Simone will be projected onto the rig in favor of the Mobile Projection Unit, plus a drive-in-only performance by Friends of Noise artists MARZZ and Beep Beep, and a virtual end-of-night performance by Shannon. Fanches aka Light Asylum. There are also raffles, virtual auctions and surprise treats.
Lloyd Center, Northeast (Friday)

In the sleepy experimental portraits of Victor Kosakowski’s non-human life, sows, chicken herds, and cow herds replace human subjects. Don’t be surprised to learn that Joaquin Phoenix is ​​Executive Producer.
Southwest Living Room Theater (Friday-Sunday)

Ben Sharrock’s Limbo, recently nominated for two British Academy Film Awards, is located on a fictitious remote Scottish island, where a group of newly arrived Syrian refugees await the results of an asylum claim. It focuses on young Syrian musician Omar, who is plagued by his grandfather’s oud (stringed instrument). Omar is what he brought from his hometown all the time.
Southwest Living Room Theater (Friday-Sunday)


Go to Mothing!City Nature Challenge
The rebellious sister of butterflies may have the nasty habit of eating holes in her sweater, but moths are actually quite interesting and mysterious creatures, and are beautiful in their own right. Download the iNaturalist app, head to Leach Botanical Gardens and learn all about them at the City Nature Challenge. The organizer said, “Using a light source, we will provide a surface to attract and rest these wonderful night creatures. Your job is to watch them arrive, take a picture and give it to iNaturalist. Upload and become a community science. Contributors to this amazing global biodiversity database. ”Space is limited to 15 people, so please register early.
Leach Botanical Garden, Southeast (Saturday)

Lilac Days
Enjoy the wonderful scent of lavender-colored lilac in full bloom. Note: The gift shop is closed.
Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens, Woodland (Friday-Sunday)

One moto show
The open-air Zidell Barge Building will once again host more than 200 custom, racing and cruising motorcycles.Admire them while you drink and listen to beer vroom vroom vroom It rings in your head.
Zidell Yards, Southwest (Saturday-Sunday)

Waterfront skate mobile!
Rose City Rollers brings skate pop-ups to the waterfront. The waterfront is clearly more beautiful than the Lloyd Center. Book your spots online on the weekend of May (tickets are limited to 75 spots per session) and know that Skate Mobile will be onsite if you forget your gear.
Southeastern Hampton Opera Center (Saturday-Sunday)

Woodon Shoe Tulip Festival
Gaze at the 40-acre tulips neatly lined up against the majestic backdrop of Mount Hood is never old. Traffic tends to be fairly light on weekends, at least for the past few years, but it’s worth the wait if your eyes are starving for color. This is the last weekend!
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Woodburn (Friday-Sunday)

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