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The main non-human animals affected by the West Nile virus are horses. When infected, horses can develop severe inflammation of the brain.

On Tuesday, Texas health officials said First human case of illness Caused by the West Nile virus in 2021. It happened in Dallas County.

This has led some viewers to ask questions related to their ability to infect the virus and other animals.


Can pets catch the West Nile virus?



Yes, pets can be infected with the West Nile virus, but most of the time they are asymptomatic. Along with humans, horses are the other animals most likely to exhibit viral symptoms.

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What we found

According to the CDC, the West Nile virus is most commonly transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito.

Mosquitoes become infected when they eat infected birds. According to the CDC, infected mosquitoes infected humans and other animals by chewing on the West Nile virus.

Most animals can become infected with the West Nile virus when infected mosquitoes bite them. However, most non-immunized pets, such as dogs and cats, are much less likely to get sick.

“It’s not that they don’t understand it,” Jones said. “It’s just that they don’t become symptomatic with it.”

The main non-human animals affected by the West Nile virus are horses.

“Human and horses can actually generate enough viral load to become symptomatic,” Jones said. “Other animals usually don’t.”

When infected, horses can suffer from severe encephalitis. This is an inflammation of the brain caused by an infection or allergic reaction.

“Most horses recover from the virus, but in some cases it can be fatal,” Davis said.

However, there are two intramuscular West Nile virus vaccines available for horses.

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The most common is the West Nile-INNOVATORTM vaccine, manufactured by Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Weiss.

The other is the RECOMBITEK horse West Nile virus vaccine manufactured by Merial, a division of Merck and Aventis.

“Because many cases will be seen in August and September, please vaccinate your horses immediately,” Murray said of the West Nile virus case.

In addition to vaccines, if you have animals that you want to protect, it is best to keep them early and late on the days when mosquitoes are most active.

Especially for birds, owners should consider keeping them inside when mosquitoes are most active, Murray said.

“Keep the doors closed and the windows closed to keep mosquitoes out of the room,” Murray said.

When a pet is infected with the West Nile virus, it cannot infect humans because the virus only spreads after being bitten by a mosquito.

According to the CDC, humans, horses, and other mammals are also considered “dead end” hosts. This means that it is not possible to generate enough levels of virus to spread in the blood.

“When they get infected with the virus, they don’t produce enough viral load in their blood to allow another mosquito to bite them and pass it on to another animal,” Jones said.

Your pets can catch the West Nile Virus. Which ones get symptoms? Source link Your pets can catch the West Nile Virus. Which ones get symptoms?

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