YouTube suspends Trump’s account and bans uploads and comments

US President Donald Trump boarded Air Force One at Valley International Airport on January 12, 2021, after visiting the US-Mexico border wall in Harlingen, Texas.

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Google has suspended President Donald Trump’s account on YouTube, the world’s largest video platform.

Google-owned company Said On Tuesday night, Trump uploaded content that violated the policy and automatically made a one-strike. This will stop uploading new content for at least 7 days. The comment section is also disabled.

Donald J. Trump’s YouTube account has 2.77 million subscribers, usually posting a few videos a day from himself and the right-wing media station. The company has a three-strikes law before it is permanently banned. A temporary suspension means that you can still access your Trump account and existing videos, but he will not be able to upload new content.

“After the review, we removed the new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s channel for violating the policy, considering concerns about the ongoing violence,” the company said. .. statement On social media on Wednesday night. “Given the ongoing concerns about violence, we will invalidate comments on President Trump’s channel indefinitely, as well as other channels that have safety concerns in the comments section.”

The company has not identified which video violates the policy.

With YouTube’s three-strike system, the channel is suspended for a week after the first strike, two weeks after the second strike, and ends within 90 days after the third strike.

YouTube suspended Trump’s account after some Trump supporters used violence in the US Capitol on Wednesday, killing five. Politicians and the general public are calling on social media and tech companies to more closely mitigate platforms at risk of inciting further violence.

Both Twitter and Facebook have announced that they will permanently suspend their Trump accounts on their respective platforms, Twitter. However, Trump found a workaround and started tweeting from a government-owned @POTUS account late Friday, which was eventually removed.

Google-owned YouTube announced on Thursday that it will suspend the channel to post new videos of false, widespread fraudulent allegations, rather than issuing a warning first. Late Thursday, Alphabet employees called on YouTube executives to take further action against the president, criticizing him for not suspending his account, and speculating that he would incite further misinformation and violence. Did.

Google also removed Parlor, a social media app popular with Trump advocates, from the Google Play Store on Friday, making it much harder for Android users to download and access the app.

YouTube offers a wide range of reach, unlike other social networks, because you can share videos on other platforms.

YouTube suspends Trump’s account and bans uploads and comments

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