YouTube will suspend OAN for false information on Covid-19 under pressure over election falsehood.

YouTube has suspended one of its right-wing channels, the One America News Network, for violating its misinformation policy.

But the false information that plagued OAN on Tuesday had nothing to do with the election. YouTube has removed videos that violate the policy for content that claims that Covid-19’s cure is guaranteed. YouTube said it issued a strikeout for the channel as part of its strikeout policy. That is, OAN is not allowed to upload new videos or live streams to the platform for a week.

The move has urged a group of Democratic senators to overturn YouTube’s policy of allowing videos containing false information about election results, spreading false content and manipulated media prior to a major final vote. It took place on the same day that encouraged the adoption of more aggressive measures to curb. Two Senate seats in January in Georgia.

In the weeks following the election, OAN published an article that challenged the integrity of the vote and promoted a false claim that President Trump won the election.

YouTube states that OAN is not an authoritative news source and has removed ads from some videos in order to undermine confidence in the election with “apparently false” information. However, the video was still available on the platform, helping OAN gain a share across the right-wing channels.

In addition to a week’s outage, YouTube has kicked OAN out of a program that allows partner channels to generate advertising revenue from videos against repeated violations of COVID-19’s false alarm policy and other violations. Said. The One America News YouTube channel will continue to be available even when it is down.

I was able to ask the OAN representative for comment on Tuesday.

Google-owned YouTube has been criticized for allowing videos to spread false allegations of widespread fraud under a policy that allows videos to comment on election outcomes.

In a statement, YouTube spokeswoman Ivy Choi said, “Like other companies, we allow them to discuss the outcome of this election and the ballot counting process and continue to closely monitor new developments.” Stated. “Our team is working 24 hours a day to quickly remove content that violates policy and connect people with reliable information about elections.”

YouTube said it has released videos from what it considers to be a reliable news source in search results and recommendations, labeling videos discussing election results. The label is Joseph R. Biden Jr., a link to the Associated Press results page on Google. Indicates that he has called for an election.

In a letter sent to YouTube CEO Susan Wojiski on Tuesday, four Democratic Senate: Robert Menendez in New Jersey, Mazie Hirono in Hawaii, Gary Peters in Michigan, and Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota. “I’m deeply concerned about the dissemination of false information,” said a lawmaker. On the platform. The letter shows that one YouTube video has been played 5 million times, including an unfounded allegation of fraudulent voting in Michigan.

“These videos aim to undermine our democracy and question the legitimacy of President Biden’s next administration,” wrote the Senator. “In addition, the current president has not promised a change of power, so misinformation and manipulated media content on the platform can fuel public anxiety.”

Senators also expressed concern about the two-seat final vote in the Georgia Senate. This is because these elections earn “important national interests.” In a series of questions to Wojcicki, Senator asked if YouTube promised to remove misleading and misleading information about the 2020 elections and racing in Georgia. They asked the company to respond by December 8.

YouTube will suspend OAN for false information on Covid-19 under pressure over election falsehood.

Source link YouTube will suspend OAN for false information on Covid-19 under pressure over election falsehood.

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