YouTuber dies at age 17 after surgery

It’s gone too soon. YouTuber Alex “Sir Kipsta” Dragomir His family confirmed that he died at the age of 17 after fighting heart failure.

Social media star sister Announce news on Twitter Thursday, June 10th. “Hero, you may know that my brother died today, but he underwent a very intense surgery that lasted seven hours, but his heart couldn’t accept it anymore. He was too weak. I couldn’t survive. ” “Heaven got another angel Baby Angel He was all my rocks of mine. RIP Alex.”

The compliment continued. “Thanks to the people who supported Alex through his hospital trip. You were all very nice! You continued him and gave him the energy to continue! All the messages He kept raising his head. He continued thanks to the great support from Twitter. RIP Alex. “

Courtesy of Alex Drago Mill / Twitter

One month before he died, vlogger Shared updates With his followers, he said [the] List of emergency heart transplants after spending time in the hospital. ” Early Thursday morning, he tweeted that he was potentially optimistic about “life-saving procedures.”

In a May video uploaded to his YouTube channel, sports fans explained his condition in more detail. “Basically, if you don’t know, I have heart failure,” he said at the time. “My heart is weak, unfortunately this cannot be improved. As you know, there is always hope, but this cannot be improved.”

After his family reported the news of his death, “RIP Alex” began to become a trend on Twitter, and fans launched a campaign to acquire a late star YouTube account. Reach 10,000 followers.. “That was his dream,” wrote one social media user. “Let’s make it happen.”

His alma mater, Cocksut Hill School in England, also mourned the loss.

“That’s very sad. The news is that former student Alex Dragomir @KipstaUnited died today,” the school tweeted. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends in this difficult and sad time. RIP Alex.”

After learning about the “catastrophic” news, more fans called out and made wishes to family and friends. “He inspires us all and his journey will never be forgotten,” another Twitter user posted. “Thoughts with the whole family, RIP ticket.”

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YouTuber dies at age 17 after surgery

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