Zahid Quaraishi Confirmed as First American Muslim Federal Judge | US Judicial System

The United States has appointed the first Muslim US federal judge in Zahid Sheikh. This is a historical confirmation that draws various emotions from the Muslim community.

Rutgers Law School graduates were nominated by Joe Biden and confirmed by the Senate on Thursday with 81-16 votes. However, Clichy’s work with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Authority (Ice) during the Bush administration and his role in the Iraq War have also been criticized.

so statement Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights advocacy group, announced in early April, He expressed concern about Quraishi’s professional past.

“Care is the past of Judge Kreissi, who served the army in providing legal advice on his detention in Iraq during the period of U.S. military abuse and his tenure in Ice, the last year of the Bush administration. We continue to be concerned about the lack of clarity about our professional experience, “Robert McCaw, director of the Government Affairs Department of Care, told the Guardian.

“Judge Quraishi, the White House, or Congress did not address these previous work experiences and did not publicly scrutinize him. Care continues to reveal his past professional experience to Quraishi. In the meantime, I hope he will fulfill his duties as a judge by protecting the rights of all American citizens, including Muslims.

The son of a Pakistani immigrant, Quraishi was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. After graduating from law school, he was dispatched to Iraq twice in 2004 and 2006, served as a prosecutor and became a captain.

During his term in the US military, Quraishi also served as a legal adviser to detention operations. This is a controversial position he has not yet revealed publicly. During the Bush administration, Quraishi continued to work for Ice, causing anger for leftist activists and Islamic organizations.

The American Muslim Bar Association said Law360 The group continues to be concerned about the lack of transparency surrounding the involvement of judges in the US military as legal advisers to detention activities in Iraq. [Ice].. Governments that did not consult with key legal activists in the Muslim community prior to the nomination of Judge Crisi can build trust and properly and equitably address the legal issues that plague undervalued people. I missed the opportunity to find a common basis for appointing a Muslim judge. “

Zahid Quaraishi Confirmed as First American Muslim Federal Judge | US Judicial System

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