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Zaon Collins’ lawyers file to dismiss DUI charge, citing marijuana bill, footage of crash | Crime – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-04-22 16:00:00 –

Las Vegas (FOX5)-Former UNLV basketball recruiter Zaon Collins lawyer dismisses DUI charges against marijuana DUI for ongoing legislative action and possible Collins not negligent in the crash I have filed a complaint.

19-year-old Collins was arrested on charges of drunk driving after a crash near Fort Apache Road and Furnisgarcia Avenue on December 30. According to arrest reports, Collins was traveling 88 mph in a 35 mph zone at the time of the crash that killed Eric Eschvaria (52 years old).

The community mourns the death of 52-year-old Eric Eschvaria after a devastating crash in a southwestern valley.

According to arrest reports, Collins was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after showing signs of marijuana addiction. However, Clark County District Court lawyer Steve Wolfson dismissed the district court’s charges against DUI against Collins.

Las Vegas (FOX5)-Clark County Law Firm has dismissed the indictment …

Currently, his lawyer has filed a court dismissal of the DUI charges. The move on page 43 states that the crash may actually have been due to Echebarrier, based on video evidence. Lawyers David Chesnov and Richard Schoenfeld said the last 45 seconds of the crash video showed Eshebarrier trying to turn between two vehicles in close proximity to each other.

“This video reveals that Eshevaria had no room to turn around without a collision,” Motion says. “As a result, it was Mr. Eshvaria who caused the clash.”

The lawyer also said one officer on the scene showed Collins showing no signs of impairment. Another police officer saw signs of impairment, but lawyers said Collins suffered a head injury that might have made him appear to be impaired.

Chesnov and Schoenfeld also state that Nevada’s drunk driving law is “unconstitutionally ambiguous” about marijuana drunk driving and “fails to scrutinize rational grounds.” Lawyers also cited future legislation to show that THC levels in Collins’ system are too low to consider drunk driving.

Las Vegas (FOX5)-An attempt to align Nevada’s drunk driving law with state marijuana law …

NV State Assembly is under consideration Act of Parliament 400 Introduced by Congressman Steve Yeager during the 2021 session. The bill changes the way marijuana handles drunk driving. This is because the current level of punishable cannabis may be due to previous use.

“The current system is guilty of anything if the level of cannabis is above a certain level,” Jaeger said in a recent hearing. “It doesn’t matter if you took it two weeks ago. It doesn’t matter if you’re a heavy medical user. Basically, you don’t have the ability to follow the current law practices yourself.”

AB 400 passed Congress on April 20th. It still requires Senate approval and must be signed by Governor Steve Sisorak to become law.

In a statement, the lawyer confirmed that the dismissal petition was in line with the new law.

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