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Zegna Acquires Leading Fabric Maker Tesitura Ubertino

Is Zegna Zegna The group acquisition campaign is ongoing. An Italian luxury apparel maker and gentleman’s menswear brand, the brand has taken control of leading fabric maker Tessitura Ubertino.

Zegna Zegna Group CEO Guild Zegna-Photo: Courtesy-Photo: Zegna Zegna

Under the terms of the agreement, Zegna will purchase a majority stake in Tesitula Ubertino, with two sons of founder Adaldiso Ubertino, Alberto and Paolo, holding a 40% stake in management and creative direction. Take responsibility for both.

With this acquisition, Zegna has significantly strengthened Zegna’s position in the luxury textile market, and Zegna is a historic Italy like Bonot, a 100-year-old fourth-generation Venetian slow-fashion exotic wool producer. Professional producers also dominate.Knitting expert Dondy Tessitura di Novara, famous for its silk weave.

Together with the Group’s fabric division, Lanificio Zegna, these manufacturers embody a unique Italian luxury textile empire aimed at producing textile products of unmatched quality. made in Italy, Zegna states in that release.

Based in Pratrivero, Valdilana, Province of Biella, Italy’s main silk region, Tessitura Ubertino specializes in luxury fabrics for women’s wear.

“This new acquisition of Tesitura Ubertino adds a new dimension to our luxury textile division, which is represented by some of the finest companies in Italy, each specializing in its own luxury fabrics. We have always believed that the supply chain of the “Italian fashion industry” is a very important asset. ” Guild Zegna, Group CEO.

Founded by Adalgiso Ubertino in 1981, Tessitura Ubertino is a boutique weaving factory that has been producing high quality fabrics for women such as tweed and jacquard for over 30 years. Today, we supply fabrics to the major fashion brands on the runways in Milan and Paris.

“The Zegna Group is a world leader in luxury menswear and one of the leading players as a hub for superior textiles. It gives new impulses by sharing the same roots and traditions in the highest quality fabrics. Because of this, it was natural to sign this contract. Pearls, ribbons, sequins, fancy yarns, rich colors, attention to detail: Since its inception in the 1980s, Tessitura Ubertino has been a true laboratory for fabrics. It has evolved. Innovation and creativity are being put into the service of the world’s leading luxury brands and women’s fashion houses, “said Tesitura Ubertino’s creative director and co-CEO with his brother Paolo. Alberto Ubertino emphasized.

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Zegna Acquires Leading Fabric Maker Tesitura Ubertino

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