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The Eagle Offense is a sign of my interest in why the 2007 New England Patriots Offense, which was undefeated during its NFL regular season and was stopped by the New York Giants at the Super Bowl XLII, worked so well. Among them, quarterback Tom Brady threw 4,751 yards and 50 touchdowns. And the only reason the Patriots lost the Super Bowl XLII was because they moved away from its basic approach: spread formations and short passes. And that approach was as fast as hitting the NFL, and it was done. New England never returned to it. I never forgot it. Here is a video of the actual attack:

Next, consider the success of the Golden State Warriors under coach Steve Kerrhead. Its attack function is played by two of the five players placed in any corner of the half-court. Their positioning extended their defenses, often leaving either player wide open for a three-point shot. Here is the actual video of the crime:

Next, consider using a football offense with four wide receivers on one side of the formation. Two of my favorite football coaches, Brian Kelly of the University of Notre Dame and Tony Franklin, a former attack coordinator of Cal, were practitioners of that formation approach. This type of set forces the defender to choose anomalous coverage. However, in my opinion, I have never seen an aggressive attack based on that formation approach.

And consider the popularity of non-spoken and Airraid attacks over the last decade. I’m a big fan of pre-shift, but I agree with many who claim that the lack of talk can force defenders to make coverage mistakes.

With my love for the Bill Walsh Precision Pass approach, which focuses on timing and ball placement, the demand for variations in pass attack, and the love for mobile quarterbacks, you can get an eagle offense.

Last week I sent this playbook to Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden earlier than anyone else. The reason is simple. He always paid attention to and sought my play ideas and concepts. Last time, at the 2018 NFL Owners’ Meeting in Orlando, Gruden waited for Raiders Public Relations Executive Wilkis to receive my play drawing in the hotel lobby. In this video, we talked about the event at the 2018 NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando.

Gruden later used that season’s approach.

Finally, before introducing the second version of the playbook, here’s a letter of recommendation from coach Franklin.

“The attention to detail and the time spent on playbook ideas is a dedication not seen by most people. Your love for the game is clear and much more enthusiastic than any reporter or fan. Well done !!! “– Tony Franklin Coach, Famous Former Cal Offense Coordinator, Middle Tennessee Offense Coordinator, Airlaid Offense Developer, Tony Franklin System Creator.

This is the Eagle Offense Playbook

Eagle Offense for NFL Football by Zenie Abraham NS Zenny Abraham With Scribd

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Zennie Abraham’s Eagle Offense Playbook Endorsed By Former Cal Offensive Coach Tony Franklin Source link Zennie Abraham’s Eagle Offense Playbook Endorsed By Former Cal Offensive Coach Tony Franklin

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