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Minnesota United’s 0-3 start this season surprised almost everyone. From national experts to local fans, the overwhelming consensus was that Loons would be one of the best teams in MLS in 2021. I didn’t fall into the current predicament.

However, MNUFC supporters Steve Heimsness and Lucas Pippenhagen called it before the season began in mid-April.

Fellow supporter Bruce McGuire ran several different guessing contests on Twitter last season. So, apart from Runes’ run to the Western Conference final last season, he asked his fans to guess how many points the club would score after the first three games of the year (3 to win). Points, one for a draw, loss).

There were a total of 162 participants, and only Heimsness and Pipenhagen guessed correctly at zero points. They accounted for only 1.2 percent of all respondents.

In a previous fun contest, McGuire said fans were optimistic, pessimistic, and somewhere in between, more evenly distributed. But given Loons’ unprecedented success a year ago, the contest had a different feel.

“It was very heavy,” McGuire said. “Many people choose big numbers. 7, 8, 9.”

Well, eight is impossible in just three games. Some people chose that number anyway, but it shows that this is not some kind of super-serious movement. “The three deliberately chose eight only to be smart. This is pretty interesting,” McGuire said.

Pippenhagen has been working on his own bit. “Every time Bruce does it as a joke, I think the” contest “is 0,” Pippenhagen wrote in the message. “This time it happened to be rewarded.”

McGuire believed that it would eventually be zero, and this time he told Pippenhagen. “‘You’re right for the one these days,'” McGuire recalled with a laugh on Wednesday. “I didn’t think it would be this time.”

Well, the joke is actually in MNUFC. Loons scored one goal with a win-win start and allowed seven goals. Minnesota lost on the road to Seattle Sounders, who was the defending representative of the Western Conference at the MLS Cup last December, and then dropped home games to Real Salt Lake and the expansion club Austin FC.

Two-thirds of the contestants were suddenly eliminated (108 out of 162) when Loons fell to Seattle 4-0 on national television on April 16. “It’s pretty radical,” McGuire said.

Another big chunk was knocked out (47 of the remaining 54) after Loons lost 2-1 to Salt Lake at the home opener on April 24th. As a result, only seven speculators chose 3 points, with 1 or 0 remaining against Austin. United then lost 1-0 at zero points, making the club’s worst start in five MLS seasons.

McGuire, one of the founding members of the Dark Clouds Supporter Group, reiterated how widely the previous contest was distributed. He feels that it’s not Homer wearing rosy glasses that’s playing with him among his approximately 5,800 Twitter followers, but a more serious fan.

Despite a draw that divides the amount of wins and losses possible in the club’s record, McGuire also said he was always impressed by the number of supporters choosing the maximum points. In this case, there are nine.

“Many teams have long lines that won’t lose, but few teams have long lines that all win,” he said. “It always surprises me and those people are always real GungHo. They say,” This year will be our year. This will be great. ”

These scales turned even more positive this spring. When Heimsness was thinking about his speculation, he made an aggressive addition that did not surprise him, and how the club remained without centre-back Ike Opara, and defensive. I thought about the fact that midfielder Ozzy Alonso is getting older.

“Then there are two other Loons players that I’m not super, super high,” Heimsness said. “I saw it and said everyone was excited, but I can’t win if I can’t defend.”

Heimsnes, who has owned the season ticket since the club started at MLS, quoted the character Richard Roma, played by Al Pacino, in the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross.” “I agree with the opposite public opinion law. If everyone is thinking of one thing, I say, I bet the opposite way.”

Heimsness, a mechanic living in Robinsdale, was so “emphasized” with a zero guess that he thought of answering the McGuire contest with a “zero point zero” in the “Animal House” dean’s GIF. ..

“I thought the goal would be scored. If this was a poll about the score, I would have been far apart because I thought I could score multiple goals in three games.”

When McGuire started these contests, he thought of finding a prize for the winner, but instead felt he liked the right side of his vote. The advantage is that he can engage with fellow supporters.

“That’s 90 percent of the reason I do all this. It’s about meeting my fellow fans,” McGuire said. “When I started out as a football follower, few others loved it, so it was mine to always meet fellow fans, even if we didn’t fully agree. Loves to meet them. ”

Heimsness was depressed in Runes’ outlook to start the season, but he thinks a rebound is possible. With 90% of the season left, he looks forward to returning to Allianz Field to see his club.

“Are you saying you have a chance? There is always a chance,” he said. “It’s so crazy, especially MLS.”

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