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Last year it was hard to get used to the zoom-centric world. Always check everyone’s internet connection, repeatedly tell colleagues to mute themselves, and then if you’re working remotely, you’ll almost certainly have a throbbing headache after staring at your computer screen for 10 hours in a row. became.

But one of the by-products of the virtual conference wave was the highlight. It’s screenshots, recordings and stories from Zoom Court. Online court hearings have given us a window to people’s personal lives, giving us ignorance of technology during some of the most inappropriate moments, and looking away. Was difficult. (Remember Zoom cat lawyer?)

Miami Herald Court reporter David Ovalle has become an unofficial record writer for the Miami Criminal Court bloopers. His twitter Is a treasure trove of quirky and very 305 moments since last year in digital court.

Ovalle’s most famous tweet included injecting a man’s butt while the defendant was attending a Zoom hearing on three major theft charges.Tweet collects thousands of likes National story..

That wasn’t the only peek at the medical procedures that Ovalle revealed. In April of this year, someone appeared in court during a dentist consultation and provided the observer with a POV shot from the dentist’s chair.

“I’ve always said that the Miami Courthouse is the ultimate theater. It’s insane because the Miami Courthouse is a unique place where many people from different disciplines come together,” says Ovalle. New Times. “[Zoom court] It’s just an extension of that, except that it’s now more intimate, as people don’t know they’re in the camera for half the time. ”

Zoom Court also brought a looser attitude to the side of some South Florida lawyers.

Judge Broward, April 2020 Dennis Bailey After one male lawyer appeared shirtless and another male lawyer appeared while still hiding, he had to warn the lawyer to dress appropriately for the courtroom.

The internet loves more scandalous and lightly dressed zoom coat attendees, but Ovalle says his favorite was animals.

South Florida is known to be full of wildlife, and Zoom’s courtroom makes a clear difference, especially for those who work from home, take care of pets, and even like barns. There is none.

People went to an online criminal hearing with a dog, a goat, and occasionally a pig named Penny who appreciated her when the pig owner was rejected after introducing a pork counsel to the judge. I attended.

For some lawyers, court snuffs weren’t as healthy as Penny the Pig’s appearance. Miami-based election lawyer Benedict Kühne suffered an embarrassing moment of theft of personal information when a lawsuit was filed against state election authorities in Tallahassee.

Someone while Kune is making the opening statement Zoom bombing At a hearing using his name, the riske performance began.

“The music starts to get out of the box and play in my name, and the male figure begins to striptease and undress. I’m desperate. This is my first zoom bomb and on the screen My name was displayed, “says Kune. “I had to apologize to the judge and say,’Your honor, it wasn’t me.'”

Kune says the experience was as embarrassing as possible, but what’s the worst part? He says he was able to do a better job himself.

“I don’t do that, but if I do, I’m much better off than a dancer,” he says.

Dance seems to be a recurring theme in Florida virtual court proceedings, especially in the Zoom bombing. Miami lawyer David Winker recalls a client’s proceeding hearing against the city of Coral Gables. Construction of Wawa gas station When one attendee couldn’t help make his butt.

“In the middle of the hearing, this big butt appears on the screen, the music starts, the twerking begins. Someone shared the screen and instead of looking at the judge’s face, I just saw this big butt. .. [butt] “Twerking,” said Winker, adding that he now calls dance “wawa.”

The judge first joked it and turned off the screen sharing feature, but when the same to-work video started again 10 minutes later, the judge streamed the loot if that happened again. Threatened to arrest someone. (Judges seemed to prefer to stick to the classic “all rises” rather than “lower”.)

On the adult side, some proceedings are subject to non-family zoom hacks.

Rachel Lean, Director of Legal Publishing Daily business review,Tell you New era An example of a hacker infiltrating a courtroom, streaming pornography, and exploding explosive music during normal proceedings in Leon County.

“It was annoying. The lawyers just looked down and waited for everything to finish,” says Lean.

As the world returns to normal and more people return to work directly, the Internet may not offer as much virtual court snuffs to enjoy. But again, this is Florida. So you may see a little more twist before you know it in court.

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Zoom Fails and Bloopers From Florida Court Hearings
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