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Zoom Funeral Tips-New York Times

For my family, we were really impressed by how vibrant video conferencing in our daily work was able to celebrate my father’s life in a beautiful and inspiring way.

If you need to arrange a memorial service on your video platform, here are some tips.

I purchased a one-month subscription to Zoom Pro (currently $ 14.99 per month and can be canceled at any time). Allow up to 100 participants for unlimited meeting time (other plans allow more participants for an additional fee) and keep records in the cloud. I’m glad. Had we had to limit the time of the event, we would have missed many inspiring contributions from the participants.

I created an account so I de facto Meeting organizer. When I think about it later, I wish I could hand over the role to my 17-year-old daughter who is a digital native. Responsibilities include the entry of people from the waiting room. Mute all microphones as needed. Unmute the officiant or other speaker. Troubleshooting technical issues. Providing support to guests. Pass the message to your family in the chat box. Introduce a tech host at the start of the service so people know who to ask for help.

The video platform backend has some settings that you should be aware of for the first time, especially if it’s an emotional event. Hosts can use the “toggle” switch in advance to understand how to mute people when they enter the room and how to enable the waiting room. This is a security feature that keeps guests queued until the host allows it.

Our virtual monument was partially successful because the rabbi was not abandoned due to the difficulty of the inexperienced Zoomer initially muting himself. When the service was taken over by Shiva, my mother moderated — I greeted people and confirmed that everyone who wanted to provide memories had the opportunity to do so.

Schedule one or more short practice sessions to resolve the twist and make sure you are on the same page for different roles.. Some attendees of our event were completely new to zooming and were afraid to miss compliments and were aware that they would put the program on hold when they tried to mute on demand. We encourage you to provide guests with tips on logging on and off. Mute and unmute. Switching screen views. Use the chat feature — with invitations or on request before the event. Don’t assume that everyone will join the latest devices.

I sent an email to my friends and relatives informing them of my father’s death and zoom event, including a link and password. Each of our families edited and distributed our own list. You can also use Zoom to send an invitation email.

Zoom Funeral Tips-New York Times

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