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3 Things Your Teen Should Know How To Do Before Moving Out

For parents who have kids that are just about to graduate high school and move out on their own, it’s important to take advantage of the time your teen has left at home to ensure that they are ready to face the world and take care of themselves when they no longer live with you. And while there are all kinds of things that will be good for them to know, there are certain things that will greatly increase their chances of finding success and happiness right from the get-go.

To help you ensure your teens have this knowledge and experience to pull from, here are three things your teen should know how to do before moving out. 

Troubleshoot Basic Home Issues

When your teen is living in a home or apartment that’s entirely their responsibility, they need to know how to troubleshoot common household issues that they’re likely to run into. 

Some of the problems you’ll want to focus on with your teen should include things like addressing blocked drains or toilets, changing vacuum bags, correctly using the appliances in their home, and knowing how to keep things clean. While these are things that your teen will be able to look up on Youtube if they wind up having issues, having some experience with these types of basic home maintenance issues will help your teen feel more confident in their ability to deal with these things when they inevitably come up. 

Handle Their Own Money

For most teens, they don’t really have the ability to earn a lot of money. Even if they have a job, in addition to going to school and other responsibilities, teens often don’t work enough to make a lot of money. But despite this, knowing how to handle their money will be vital when they are living on their own. 

To help your teen learn these skills and lessons, consider having them help you in paying some of the monthly bills that you have to take care of for your home and family. This will help your teen to see where their money will be going each month. And along with this, helping them learn how to budget their remaining money will ensure that they always have their money allocated appropriately. 

How To Feed Themselves

If your teen is used to having their parents make all their meals for them, they might be in for a rude awakening when living on their own. And while some teens might think they’ll just get takeout for their meals, this will quickly prove not to be a smart move financially. 

Rather, you should help your teen learn how to go shopping and cook food for themselves. Cooking simple, healthy, and cost-effective meals should be the goal. While this can require a lot of time and practice, it will be well worth it for your teen. 

If you have a teen who will be moving out and living on their own soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them be prepared for this next phase in life. 

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