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3 Ways Current Events Affect Different Professions 

Regardless of what your profession is, you may have noticed at some point that news and current events taking place in the world can really begin to affect your workplace. They may have to make cuts or even closures because of losses caused by something going on elsewhere. But beyond just your own job, have you ever thought about the ways all different types of professions may be affected? Here are 3 ways current events may affect certain professions. 

Lack Of Need

Due to some current events, there is no longer a need for certain goods or services. For example, because of the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders, people were no longer going to beauty salons, causing many of them to be forced to close down. 

Certain technologies have also made some businesses obsolete. If people are able to do something on their own at home via the internet or a phone app, they are less willing to pay a company to do it for them. This is unfortunate, especially for small businesses. 

Farms are affected by this often because of the use of machinery do what was once done by hand. Making hay, for instance, can be more efficiently done by machine, but many farmers aren’t able to afford the proper machinery and therefore are eventually forced out of business.

Supply And Demand

Many businesses have experienced the opposite problem because of current events. Because of supply and demand, a lot of places became overwhelmed with the need for face masks or Covid-19 tests and were unable to keep up. This can be stressful for employees as well as business owners, who have to deal with frustrated customers over something that is not their fault.

Extra Staff Or Staff Cuts

The pendulum really swings both ways when it comes to staffing, depending on how the specific current event is affecting your profession. In many instances, extra staff is needed – such as to check vaccine passports, or make sure people were wearing masks. But in other cases, less staff is needed because the business is less busy, or cuts have to be made in the staff because the business can no longer afford to pay the same amount of people. 

Either way it can be unfortunate, but it is definitely interesting how many different ways a business can be affected, and this can’t always be predicted. 

No matter what profession you are thinking of, odds are it has been affected in some way by a current event at some point. Even if not technological advances or the recent pandemic, something has happened at some point that has directly impacted just about every business and profession out there! The best lesson is to learn to go with the flow and have an emergency fund available just in case, because you never know what’s going to happen. 

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