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5 Reasons Why Gutter Guards Make Cleaning Gutters More Difficult?

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and neither is there a gutter guard that stays forever clean and is maintenance-free. No matter what the creators say, no guard is debris-proof and mold-proof. In truth, these attachments accumulate loads of debris and are ideal homes for wasps, hornets, and birds.

To make things worse, these so-called innovative guards make cleaning the gutter an arduous task. Neither does its design help nor the fact that they are hard to dislodge and get clogged often. Safe to say, it is something you can’t do yourself. Not for the lack of ability but because it requires tools and techniques alien to average Joe and Jane.

So, without further ado, let’s explore why gutter guards make cleaning gutter troublesome;

5 Reasons Why Gutter Guards Are Hard To Clean 

Cleaning gutters is an unavoidable chore because dirty gutters clog the drain and cause water to pool at odd places. As it goes, a gutter guard helps avoid the same and stops debris from clogging up the gutter. However, it rarely does its job and, at times, does more harm than good due to which you may have to opt for a new gutter installation sooner than required. Here are five reasons why gutter screens make cleaning hard;

1) They Accumulate a Lot of Debris 

A gutter screen’s job is to prevent debris accumulation, yet it is not so effective in doing so. Be it plastic, aluminum, or micro-mesh screens, they all accumulate dirt on their surface. Large debris builds up on top, and smaller particles feed molds and pests inside.

As a result, the water flow gets restricted, and at times of downpour, the problem becomes no less than an ordeal. Often, rainwater fails to find the path to the gutter and ends up dripping down the sides and damaging the house.

2) They Restrict Access To The Gutter System

Gutter screens need to restrict debris, but they often restrict access. That is the main reason why cleaning gutters with guards is almost impossible for typical homeowners, as they struggle to find a way through.

No matter how fine the mesh, small debris always finds a way to seep inside and leads to mold buildup on gutters’ inner walls. Given the fact you can’t see or clean, the problem often gets aggravated and creates a bigger mess.

3) They Serve AsAn Ideal Home for Bees and Birds 

Without a shed-like guard on your gutter, you rarely have to worry about birds and bees making it their home. However, gutter screens invite them to do so, adding an extra chore to your laundry list of cleaning tasks.

4) They Create Ice Dams

An ice dam is another thing you have to worry about if you use a gutter screen. Rainwater that can’t find a way to the gutter gets clogged up and often seeps through the material, clinging to the roof, creating an ice dam.

5) They Are Often Installed Improperly

Cleaning a gutter with the rightly installed gutter screen is no easy task, and it becomes even more difficult with an improperly installed one. Most gutter guards are improper and not the right fit, worsening the gutter performance and leading to more frequent clean-ups.

Gutter screens should prevent the frequent need to clean gutters, but they do the opposite. In addition, they also make the task harder by restricting access to the system. Not to forget, they also cause problems you won’t face if you leave it unguarded and just get it cleaned twice a year.

By all means, getting the gutter cleaned professionally is a more economical option than using gutter guards. In the worst-case scenario, if you go with the latter, you may even have to call for a new gutter installation sooner or later.

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