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5 Things to do at the Airport When Your Flight is Delayed

You would hardly meet a frequent traveller who has never witnessed a flight delay. It is a common occurrence but shouldn’t always be at the expense of the traveller. If you are curious about what to do when your flight is delayed, this article will guide you on the most important things.

1. Know What Caused it

You are within your rights if you ask the airline the reason behind the delay, especially if you’ve already waited for two hours. Whether it is due to adverse weather conditions, security threats, mechanical issues, or even the pilot being unfit to fly, you can request to know. For long flight delays, you can ask to have the reason in writing, as you would need it eventually to claim compensation. So, while you wait, walk to the information desk or contact the airline directly to speak to an agent.

2. Embrace Airport Perks

If you will be delayed for long hours, the airport is obligated to provide you with free meals and drinks. Help yourself with this, so you don’t stay hungry while you wait. You could also have access to the lounge and do some duty-free shopping. If your flight will be delayed overnight, some airlines will give you a free hotel booking. These are things you would be entitled to if you are covered by the EC 261 law on flight disruptions.

3. Get Familiar with Your Rights

Knowing your rights concerning flight delays can save you some stress and worry. The EC 261 regulation protects your rights as an air passenger if you are travelling to or from an EU member state. This means you may be entitled to compensation between €250 and €600, based on the flight distance and not the price of the ticket. You are also entitled to basic services at the airport such as free internet, complimentary meals and drinks, and hotel bookings for long stays.

In addition, this law ensures you can request a refund or reschedule your flight if you have been delayed for more than 5 hours. By getting familiar with your rights, you can start making plans on how to get compensated after leaving the airport.

4. Plan Your Trip Highlights

This will be a good time to plan your trip highlights. Long hours at the airport can be maximized, so you don’t end up ruining your entire trip because of the ineffectiveness of the airline. This way, you can ensure you have an enjoyable trip free of stress, regardless of the delay.

5. Avoid Being Misled

Be careful not to accept random vouchers from the airline or sign any document without reading carefully. You might accidentally waive your rights to compensation if you’re not careful. This is why it is important to get familiar with your rights and don’t take any action until you’re sure of what it’s about.

Bottom Line

Getting flight delay compensation will be a win for you, as it covers the inconvenience the airline might have caused. You can hire an attorney or a firm like Flightright for a seamless process.

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