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5 tips to become more stylish

Looking for tips to become more stylish? Then I’ve got you. I have hand-picked five essential tips which everyone should know to look more stylish, walk with confidence and make heads turn everywhere they go. Let’s begin:

  1. Don’t buy clothing for one occasion

We all are guilty of it. Whether it’s going like a wedding guest or a reunion or going out for a ball, we love the idea of donning something special to the occasion. This urge often leads to shopping sprees for finding that “perfect” dress… only to keep it in the back of the closet as the evening ends.

Well, it’s time to discard this habit, this year. It’s 2022 guys, we cannot invest money into buying clothes that fit for one ONLY occasion.

Instead, buy some versatile pieces and let your secret influencer-self takeover to reuse them on different occasions with little to no additions. And trust me, people who have good fashion sense, won’t need much to create an outstanding piece from a plain outfit.

  1. Invest in some basic wardrobe staples

For times when you have nothing to wear and you need to go for coffee? Or an urgent meeting? Or picking up a friend from the airport? A basic tee and joggers always help. That’s why it’s very important to have basic wardrobe staples from a women’s online clothing store in your closet.

Before you dive into trend-led fashion pieces make sure you have at least a basic white and black turtleneck, tanks, neutral joggers, and denim. Because trends may come and go, but nothing will ever come near to the elegance of a white tank, paired with blue demons and a classic red lip.

The best part is that this tip applies to both men and women.

  1. Make sure your clothes fit

This is a very basic rule but most people seem to forget.

We all have different body types. When you buy clothes from malls or online stores, it is possible that they won’t fit your body type because they mass produce. So, if you want to make a statement, try to get it tailored.

Trust me, this will not only pull up your whole outfit look but will also enhance your figure.

  1. Discover your personal style

If you are someone who doesn’t have a signature style yet, then it’s time you should create a mood board for yourself or take a good look at your closet.

If you have spot basic clothing more than premium ones, your style is timeless, whereas if you have skirts and pastels hanging around, you might have a cottagecore vibe. On the other hand, if there are more oversized tees, then you might be into oversized fits.

Finding your own style statement matters a lot especially when you are trying to create an image for yourself.

  1. Play with color

Now that you’ve understood what your style is, now is the time to add some magic and colors to it.

If you are not comfortable with too many colors, include just one (in top or bottom) and keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Honestly, that also looks very classy.

But if you’re willing to experiment, try different combinations because as Nicki Minaj said “who wants to look simple when you can look stunning”.

  1. Mix patterns and textures

The days when we tried to match everything with the clothing are long gone. Now is the time to make “bold” choices, I mean in clothing.

If you are opting for a neutral look today, go for colorful shoes or handbags. If you are going for 2 colors, carefully insert a new subtle color in accessories that does not mess up the whole outfit. And voila, you are a fashionista now!

  1. Always accessorize

The only difference between two girls wearing the same outfit and yet one looking better than the other is their choice of accessories.

Accessories can add the desired edge to your look. But make sure, you don’t over-accessorize or else it will do more harm to your outfit than good. Learn to maintain a balance between your outfit and your jewelry.

Over to you…

These were some of the best tips to look classy and elegant even on days you don’t feel like getting up from bed. Use it and notice the change in your style and avatar. You will love yourself.


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