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6 Ways Savvy Marketers Use Custom Blue Canopy Tents at Sporting Events

When it comes to promoting local brands, local sporting events offer tremendous opportunities. They’re the ideal locations for marketing local brands to local audiences. From nutrition companies giving out samples to fashion brands advertising their new products – sports events present amazing marketing opportunities.

Who benefits from such promotions at local sporting events? According to marketing experts, local merchants and sports teams benefit the most from these additional marketing opportunities. What are the best tools for promoting local brands at sporting events? Custom pop-up tents, customized flags, and banners.

Custom-printed blue canopy tents, in particular, are great for making strong brand impressions at local sporting events. Here are six ways savvy marketers use these custom-printed tents to promote their brands at local sporting events –

  1. Capture Audience Attention with Relevant Messages

Sporting events are attended by people who are high on emotions. Through their custom tents, marketers send carefully designed brand messages to these engaged and captivated audiences. These marketers represent the local team and its brand logos on their custom tents. Every attendee already knows the name of the local team.

By placing brand logos, names, and websites right next to these popular names, marketers generate brand awareness. By reading the messages on the custom tents, local audiences will know that this local brand supports the local teams.

  1. Build Brand Loyalty

In your first visit to a sporting event with your custom-printed tent, local audiences will learn about your brand. Local audiences will become familiar with your brand by the tenth or twentieth visit. There’s no better demographic to target when you’re aiming to generate brand loyalty. Local sports fans are always loyal to their favorite teams.

Companies that create associations between their brands and popular local sports teams find it easier to create loyal customer bases.

  1. Mobile Marketing Outside Sporting Events

Custom canopies are easy to set up. These tents have flexible frames. Users have to adjust the frames to adjust the tent’s height. All these steps barely take more than a few minutes. Hence, marketers can easily set up flexible meeting points outside stadiums. If the crowd is accumulating at one end of the stadium, just transport the marketing tent to that location!

  1. Protection from the Weather Elements

Sports fans spend a lot of time outdoors, where they’re exposed to rain, winds, and the UV rays from the sun. Custom canopy tents are made of synthetic fabrics that are resistant to all these external weather-related threats. Savvy marketers use custom-printed canopy tents to create temporary shelters for sports fans outside stadiums.

  1. Impulse Purchases

Sporting events are often attended by impulse shoppers. Parents attending these events with children are highly likely to buy products outside the stadium that they find appealing. Setting up custom canopy tents allows brands to introduce their products to new customers. The chances of these products being sold are much higher outside crowded sporting events.

  1. Establish Brand Credibility

Lastly and most importantly, cost-effective custom tents give local companies the chance to establish their brands’ credibility among local audiences. High-quality tents represent these brands in the best possible light. The branded tents give local companies amazing exposure at busy sporting events.


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