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7 Reasons to Implement a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

When you consider all the different ways that you can market to your customers, direct mail might be at the bottom of the list. After all, we live in a world where most marketing is now done online, with email marketing taking the top spot as the most cost-effective option for businesses and also the campaign option with the highest return on investment when done right. However, when you step away from the internet for a second and forget about social media and in-app ads, direct mail can actually be a great option for connecting with your customers. Here are some of the top reasons why it might be worth implementing a direct mail marketing campaign in your business.

Low Cost

Sending direct mail to your target audience and customers can actually be cheaper than you may realize. The cost of printing, ink, and paper has been reduced in recent years as the demand for print advertising has waned and online advertising demand has risen. Because of this, businesses can often get great deals on various different types of print advertising. And when done well, this can lead to a high ROI, with direct mail still producing great returns.

Automation Options

Compared to in the past, direct mail doesn’t mean that you have to post every envelope directly through the customer’s door. If you have an online shop or run another business where you collect address information from customers, then setting up a direct mail campaign can be easier than ever. You already have the data that you need and direct mail automation tools from companies like Lob mean you can send without it cutting into your time. Lob offers a wide range of direct mail automation tools including address verification, mail triggers directly from your CRM, and a detailed dashboard.

Personalize Marketing

While it has become easier than ever to personalize online marketing efforts, there isn’t quite anything as personal as getting a message in the mailbox. Direct mail gives you a good chance to get to know your customers even better and send highly personalized marketing messages that are more likely to be engaged with since they are not lost in a sea of similar messages, unlike email.

Send Extras

A direct mail campaign does not have to be a series of flyers posted through a letterbox. Direct mail campaigns give you the chance to do something extra for your customers and let them know that they are appreciated. While postcards and letters are the most popular option for sending direct mail, don’t forget about the power of packages – everybody likes receiving a package in the mail, especially if it’s a surprise. You can use your direct mail campaigns to send customers free gifts and other goodies, encouraging them to engage further with your company and take the action that you want.

Encourage Store Visits

A simple direct mail campaign could include sending out postcards or flyers to let your customers know about a new store opening in their area. If you have a business that operates from physical locations, this can be one of the most effective ways to generate some buzz in the local area prior to a new store opening. And the best part is that it can be a very simple campaign to execute; you probably don’t need to invite all customers personally by name, although this could help you get even better results. Including important details such as a map showing the location of the store and opening hours will help you get more customers, and you could even include vouchers or coupons for money off purchases made on the opening day or first week to boost sales.

Excellent ROI

According to the experts, direct mail can produce an ROI of around 29% on average, which might seem surprising when you consider the digital world that we are living in. When direct mail is used as a part of a well-defined marketing strategy, it can absolutely be worth using in many industries, particularly when it comes to fundraising, retail, and local services. Direct mail gives you an excellent opportunity for storytelling, speaking directly to your reader, and it allows you to provide more free gifts or thank you gifts compared to online marketing which is usually limited to digital downloads.

High Engagement Rate

The fact is that despite print marketing no longer being as popular compared to what it was in the past, people do still remember print better compared to digital communications. And in a world where people get hundreds of marketing emails and online ads per day, it’s no surprise that direct mail marketing materials can stand out.

Online marketing might be the go-to for many businesses today, but don’t forget about the power of simple direct mail. Sending postcards, letters, and even packages to your customers as part of your marketing campaign can be a highly effective strategy.

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