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9 Mind-blowing tips to decorate a blank wall

So you’ve bought a big, new house and you can’t wait to start decorating it. In 2017, the interior design market reached around USD 94 billion globally. Your house’s walls, especially, should be a reflection of your creativity.

There are innumerable things you can do to a blank wall; all you have to do is treat it as a canvas! If you’re confused about how to give your blank walls a glow-up, here are nine mind-blowing tips for you.

  1. Leaning mirror

One of the simplest styles you can do is to just prop up a large, leaning mirror against the wall. This will make your wall look stylish and give the room a bigger and brighter look. What’s more, you won’t even have to spend any extra time decorating the wall! For the perfect minimalist house, a leaning mirror is a must.

  1. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are also a lovely idea to make your walls look great and put them to good use. Exposed shelves on their own look gorgeous, but you can upgrade them and make them float by attaching them to the walls. You can put small flower vases, paintings, or any other decor item on these shelves.

  1. Hanging rug

A brightly-coloured hanging rug would look amazing if you wish to go for a boho look. It adds texture and warmth to the entire room and gives cheerful vibes. Instead of placing a rug on the floor like the conventional way, you can hang it against the wall. This idea is especially quirky if you wish to hang it in your bedroom and use it as a makeshift headboard.

  1. Paintings

Lover of art? Then show off your love for everyone to see by putting up life-sized paintings or several small ones on the wall. For the best artworks and paintings, visit the Print Emporium.

Depending on the size or colour of the blank wall, the room, and the theme, the professionals will give you premium-quality paintings and photographs at low prices. So if you’re thinking of art, you must surely visit The Print Emporium.

  1. Signs and words

If you have a blank wall in your children’s playroom, this will be ideal for that. Put up a large sign like the word “PLAY” or “BABY” to make the wall look full. You can even hang up small craftworks like toys or your children’s artworks.

Neon signs are also a good idea to make the room look classy. You can find various neon signs at online stores. Simply choose a word or design that fits your aesthetic and hang it up!

  1. Pair up things

If you don’t wish to install just one large painting, you can put up a few small ones and then place an ottoman or a chair underneath. This perfectly curated theme will light up the room and make it look stylish. On the ottoman or bench, place a few cushions or pillows to complete the entire look. This will give a cosy, homely vibe to you and your guests when they visit your house!

  1. Polaroid wall

Want to preserve memories forever? Print out polaroid pictures and hang them up using string lights or plain strings. You can even pair up this design with a neon sign. Putting up a polaroid wall will be a great way to keep all your cherished memories together and fill up the wall at the same time. You can purchase fairy lights at any online store to go with the photos.

  1. Color theory

Having a set of colours painted cleverly can really do wonders for your blank wall. For example, shades of pink and lilac can look lovely in the children’s room. For the master bedroom, you can go with earthy tones of yellow and brown. Choose any creative wallpaper and start painting!

  1. Bar

If nothing else works, simply install a built-in bar and add a table! This look can never go wrong since all you have to do is make a shelf and place bottles and glasses. It’s also a great idea for entertaining guests, and you won’t need any extra space to have a bar too!

Over to you…

These nine creative ways of glamming up your blank wall will surely give your house a lovely makeover. Put your creativity cap on and try out any of these! For extra help, ask a professional interior designer to give you ideas.


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