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A chorus of anger against Kanye West grows as anti-Semitic incidents rattle through Los Angeles.Los Angeles

Kanye West has faced mounting backlash among California political leaders, entertainment industry figures, and members of the Jewish community. Los Angeles It came after the artist made a biased comment about Jews.

Fashion designer and rapper Ye has been spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in interviews and social media for weeks. He sparked further outrage when he wore a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt at a runway show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month.

On Monday, several politicians, including congressmen and Los Angeles mayoral candidates Karen Bass and Scott Weiner, said: state senator The deputy chairman of the California State Legislative Jewish caucus – condemned Yeh’s actions and urged sportswear brands to cut ties with him.

they referred to incident Over the weekend protesters were photographed on a highway overpass, they were filmed giving a Nazi salute while holding a banner referring to Yeh’s anti-Semitic comments.In addition, Los Angeles police are investigating Recent distribution Around the city of flyers spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

“We all have to condemn the hatred spewed by Kanye West, which had real-world consequences that we saw in LA this weekend,” Bass said. said on Twitter“Adidas is enabling and funding his haters until they cut ties. They must act now.”

Ye has a controversial history, including running for president in 2020. advocating slavery It was a “choice”. But Ye with bipolar disorder is relatively unaffected by past comments.

However, his latest comments sparked widespread backlash, including calls to boycott Ye, and Instagram and Twitter suspended his account.

“In a short time Ye has become the most famous and widely heard brazen anti-Semite on the planet. Where’s the anger?” Said Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League. “This will have real world implications for Jews.”

Greenblatt also called for tweets from sports brands. Your silence is a danger to Jews. ”

A chorus of anger over Ye’s comments appears to be gaining momentum. Top Hollywood agency heads have called for a boycott of Ye.Jeremy Zimmer, head of UTA and former deputy for the rapper, said in a memo to staff that his comments were “other.” It encourages men and amplifies their vile convictions.” Hollywood Reporter.

A source told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that Ye’s talent agency, CAA, no longer represents Ye. . There should be no tolerance for Western anti-Semitism anywhere. ”

Balenciaga, The Gap and JP Morgan have also ended ties with Ye, the paper reported.documentary about the stars was also postponed.

Kim Kardashian, Ye’s ex-wife he was accused of Harassment openly this year Awake In what appears to be a reference to the artist’s comments about their divorce, he denounced anti-Semitism on Monday.

“Hate speech is never OK or an excuse. I stand with the Jewish community and call for an immediate end to this egregious violence and hateful rhetoric against Jews,” she said. twitter.

Adidas announced a few weeks ago that it was reviewing its relationship with Ye after he was reportedly unhappy with the way the brand marketed its products.

“After repeated efforts to resolve the situation privately, we have decided to explore a partnership,” Adidas said in a statement in early October. and lent his name to Adidas, who launched the first Yeezy shoe together in 2015. The partnership made him a millionaire.

Report contributed by Reuters

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/oct/24/los-angeles-leaders-condemn-kanye-wests-antisemitic-comments A chorus of anger against Kanye West grows as anti-Semitic incidents rattle through Los Angeles.Los Angeles

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