Biden administration releases record to Republican-led panel investigating COVID ‘Wuhan laborek’ theory

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a 900-page record to the House Special Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic as a Republican-led panel began reviewing the Biden administration’s response. pandemic crisis.

The chairman of the committee, Ohio Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup, was joined by National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins, former White House COVID adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier It was requesting records from agencies, including Besserah. The committee, formerly controlled by the Democratic Party, questioned whether COVID-19 originated from a lab in Wuhan, China, and whether the Chinese Communist Party covered it up, and whether US taxpayer dollars were transferred to the lab. He said he was investigating whether

The committee requested phone records, calendars, and dozens of sets of internal records from top federal health officials. HHS did not disclose what records it shared with the commission on Tuesday night, but a spokesperson for the station told his CBS News:

Westrup told CBS News that Fauci, Becerra and other key officials will be subpoenaed if complete answers and answers are not provided to the panel’s questions about the origin and response of federal agencies to the outbreak of COVID-19. said to consider.

“I think some have subpoenas,” Wenstrup said. “Honestly, I hope I don’t have to do it too often.”

The Wuhan “laborique” theory has been previously debated by Senate Republicans, and has been a particular focus of Republican Congressional investigators and several cable news talk segments.

Fauci has answered a series of questions about the theory, including at Senate hearings, but Wenstrup said Fauci hasn’t answered to the same degree before a House panel.

“I am concerned about (Wuhan) and the kind of research and research that was being done there,” Wenstrup said. “So we want to dig into that.”

The panel’s top Democrat, California’s Raul Ruiz, said the commission must ensure that the investigation does not promote conspiracy theories about COVID.Ruiz told CBS News: said like

“There is no dispute that there is value in identifying mechanisms to quickly identify the virus and the ability to contain it quickly. The question is how to investigate,” Lewis said. He said, “We are not interested in extreme partisan rhetoric that only fuels conspiracy accusations and demonizes individuals in the administration. I am interested in taking an approach.”

The Pandemic Subcommittee is operating under Republican control as the United States marks three years after the pandemic. Wenstrap told CBS News that the panel’s first series of investigations will also look at the impact of school closures and stay-at-home orders.

“We hope to do so to bring clarity and transparency to the American people,” Wenstrap said. “Americans have a lot of mistrust right now because they felt like they were told different things at different times.”

Lewis argues that the panel should also examine the impact of the pandemic on Americans’ mental health. The subcommittee said, “To truly understand the quarantine experience, we need to ensure that the most vulnerable receive the attention and resources that will help save as many lives as possible, and that the pandemic response is equitable. need to,” he said.

Some Democrats have sharply criticized Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green’s participation on the committee, who has been accused of supporting conspiracy theories. She told me she was worried about the impact on her children and her business, which is part of what we want to look into.’ I think it’s reasonable,” he said.

Green did not immediately return a request for comment.

Both Westrup and Ruiz have pledged to engage in a bipartisan effort in interviews with CBS News, but acknowledged that state and federal government responses to the pandemic have sparked violent partisan reactions. Wenstrup said he and Lewis could “change that story a little bit and we’ll move forward in a professional way and let America see how we’re going to do this, for America.” With answers, we are a better country and ready for the future.”

“When an individual claims a false conspiracy for partisan reasons, it calls into question the scientific process behind a vaccine that has already been shown to have saved millions of lives,” Lewis said. .

“I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat or independent,” Lewis said. “As a doctor, I am interested in saving lives.” Biden administration releases record to Republican-led panel investigating COVID ‘Wuhan laborek’ theory

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