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Biggest Benefits of Truck Driver Career in 2022

Truck driving is for the free-spirited. If you find an office job soul-crushing, why not explore the country on your own and get a decent salary? This profession has its challenges, but the following advantages are undeniable.

1.  Salary

On average, a truck driver in the US gets around $67,500 annually. The pay depends on the size of the carrier, the location of the job, and the driver’s experience. This career guarantees job security, even in today’s unstable economy.

In addition, drivers taking special routes get rewards. Some employers also provide incentives for safe driving or covering a certain distance. That is why schools like  truck driving school spokane enjoy a steady flow of students all year round.

2.  Travel

Many people dream of traveling the country, and truck drivers are paid to do it. You will see more places and landmarks than you would in many other professions.

3.  Independence

Truck drivers are not confined to office cubicles. You will enjoy the freedom of the open road without a boss breathing down your neck. There will be plenty of time for music and audiobooks! Truck drivers mostly work alone, and they may often choose routes and schedules.

4.  Career Growth

Experienced drivers can advance in their careers to earn more. Some of them become certified teachers at driving schools or managers. Others explore entrepreneurial opportunities as owner-operators — i.e., set up their own trucking companies.

5.  Employee Benefits

In addition to salary, drivers get a range of benefits like paid vacations, medical, dental, and life insurance. Some carriers have retirement plans and referral bonuses. The perks depend on the position and size of the company, but they are provided even to entry-level drivers.

6.  Flexibility

The freedom to define your own schedule leads to a work-life balance. For example, you may work only on weekdays to spend weekends with your family. Whether to work days or nights is up to you.

Choose shorter routes if you want to come home every night. Drive longer distances if you want to. Many carriers let their employees select the number of total hours and routes.

7.  Education Costs

To become a driver, you may enroll in a private school, choose a college course or find an employer with an introductory training program. You can even earn a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) on your own if your state allows it.

Introductory programs are particularly attractive to those who cannot afford the tuition. Typically, your expenses will be limited to transportation costs. Programs in private schools and colleges often come with financial aid options. Some carriers reimburse 50% or more of employees’ tuition!

8.  Helping Others

Truck driving is a rewarding career for those who care about society. Drivers can deliver essentials like food and clothes to stores, malls, and hospitals. You will make a positive impact on other people’s lives!



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