Bills’ Dumar Hamlin faces long recovery, family spokesman says but ‘very optimistic’

Dummer Hamlin’s recovery has been remarkable, but the Buffalo Bills’ safety still faces a lengthy rehab nearly three weeks later. Cardiac arrest and need resuscitation .

Jordan Rooney said, “Dummer still needs oxygen and has his heart monitored regularly to make sure he has no after-effects or complications.” , Damer is not in a position to move often and needs additional rest to allow his body to heal.”

Rooney provided an update to highlight that Hamlin still faces hurdles Discharged He was released from Buffalo General Medical Center on January 11. breathe on your ownwalks, talks and shows no signs of neurological damage.

Rooney’s update also gave perspective to comments from Bills coach Sean McDermott. Regular visits to team facilitiesHowever, McDermott emphasized that Hamlin, 24, is taking “one small step at a time”, adding that Hamlin is “dipping his toes here and working his way back to himself.”

Dummer Hamlin visits Buffalo Bills practice just two weeks after collapse


Hamlin has yet to appear in public, except for a photo that linebacker Matt Milano posted on his teammate’s Instagram account at the Bills’ facility on Saturday. Is not post a message on his social media account.

Rooney said Hamlin was looked after by his parents and was “very upbeat and grateful for the support he’s received from his teammates, coaches, Bill’s Mafia and people around the world.” , Chasing M’s, a Hamlin charity, raised nearly $1. $9 million donation.

He added that Hamlin will be rooting for the Bills when Buffalo faces Cincinnati in the AFC divisional playoffs on Sunday, though he won’t say where.

Hamlin live-tweeted from his hospital bed at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center on Jan. 8 as he watched Buffalo’s 35-23 season-ending win over New England. Beat Miami in wild card playoff.

Dummer Hamlin
Damar Hamlin shared a photo from the hospital on Sunday, Jan. 8 on his Twitter.

From Damar Hamlin/Twitter

The game against Cincinnati has even more significance. It marks the first meeting between the two teams since the match was canceled on January 2nd. Hamlin hit him in the chest in what appeared to be a regular tackle before he went down. Bengals receiver Tee Higgins.

Hamlin’s family and Bills quarterback Josh Allen defended Higgins, saying he shouldn’t be blamed for what happened.

On Thursday Higgins said he couldn’t do more thanks for family supporthoping that Hamlin will be in the game so the two can meet.

“It’s nice to meet him,” said Higgins. “I haven’t spoken to him much. I just let his family do what his loved ones needed.”

Also on Thursday, the Governor of New York. Cassie Hochul Extended support for Hamlin while on the phone with the player. In a message posted on her Twitter account, Ho-chul called Hamlin an “inspiration” and let him know that “the hopes and prayers of 20 million New Yorkers have been with him during his recovery.” I got

Hamlin, who hails from the Pittsburgh area, responded by writing, “It was nice to meet Ho-chul and I’m excited to see how our collaboration in the future will help and impact so many people.” Bills’ Dumar Hamlin faces long recovery, family spokesman says but ‘very optimistic’

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