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Business for the student: reality or self-deception?

The desire to earn a lot of money is there for most people who have a desire to create comfort and well-being in their lives.

Especially often, such ambitions appear at a young age, during student years, when “by definition” money is scarce. Purposeful people studying in higher education never missed an opportunity to make money. Those who wanted to make a decent living for the rest of their lives opened their own business during their student days.

How a student can start his own business from scratch?

Today there are many examples, when being a student of the university, a person began to engage in business and as a result, it became his main occupation. For example, one such example isBill Gates- a man who as a student was not afraid to create his own business in the field of information technology. Bill created his first computer program when he was 15 years old. It was for traffic control and earned him $20,000. Despite having a favorite occupation, he still went to Harvard to study law, but he had little interest in his studies. And if you also prioritize work, but continue your study, you should contact a paper writing service in order to avoid bad grades and problems at university or college. In fact, there are a lot of such stories. Evan Spiegel, John Collison, Alexandra Andresen – they all started their business as students. Let’s try to figure out what kind of business for students is relevant today.

How a student can open his or her own business?

So, in order for the activity to have a chance of success, it is very important to choose the right idea that you will implement. After that, a business plan is created, which is an algorithm of actions, calculation of costs, time planning. With the right calculations, the likelihood of success increases. Initial capital, as well as a team of like-minded people, play an important role in starting a business. However, there are cases when the business started literally “from scratch” and on its own. Such business ideas for students also exist, and we will tell you about them below.

Business ideas for students with minimal investment

In fact, you can find many options of ready-made business plans for students. Each person chooses one or another idea according to personal preferences. We will tell you only about the simplest and easy-to-implement business ideas for students.

Selling content

Content is everything that we can see, watch and listen to on the Internet. This type of business can be classified into two main areas for a student:

  1. Writing articles and selling them on specialized exchanges.
  2. making logos, banners, pictures, videos, audio.

The first option is a great solution for students who study journalism, philology, foreign languages, and so on. If you have the ability to work with large amounts of information, then this direction is for you.

Those who are trained in architecture, computer design, and other specialties that have an artistic orientation, will approach the earnings on the creation of logos, banners, videos, and pictures.

You can learn everything on your own, using your smartphone (no matter if it’s Android or iOS) and the Internet. There are many different paid and free courses and just information on the Internet.

Creation and promotion of sites

If you know programming languages and visual editors, you can start earning by creating websites and blogs, as well as their promotion. It is worth saying that the creation of a small website can cost from 50 to 140 dollars. A personal blog, on the other hand, can cost from 100 dollars. Corporate sites and online stores are created at a price of $450. Due to the fact that the services are relevant, it is possible to find customers without problems.

Courier delivery of goods.

A relatively inexpensive option for creating a business is to open a courier delivery service. In order to get started, you will need a phone and a computer. Delivery can be done independently or involving third parties.

As the target audience, which actually will be to build a business, are online and offline stores, small organizations, and firms. Most often they have a need for people who could carry out the delivery of documents and heavy parcels. With the right organization of the business, such activities are very profitable.

The business of walking animals

This business idea will be relevant to those students who study in large settlements. It is no secret that the lifestyle of people living in metropolitan areas is very stressful and sometimes they do not have enough time to fully walk their dogs. To solve the problem, these people seek the services of those who are willing to take on the function of walking the pet. Most likely, it will be necessary to walk the animals in the morning and evening hours. That is why the business is easy enough to combine with educational activities. To earn more, you can also negotiate with other people who will already be your hired employees.

You can find clients in the following ways:

  • You should have personal contact with people who walk their animals.
  • Finding clients through social media, message boards, and so on.

Purchasing food.

Probably many of us have ever faced a situation where we had to buy food for our neighbors or acquaintances. It is also possible to organize a business on this. In order for the business to find many customers, you need to find a ready-made business plan with calculations for students.

When organizing such a business, you should be familiar with the area where you plan to work. Determine if there is a large supermarket nearby. Next, you need to advertise for services. The more sites you will use to advertise your activities, the better. The cost of the services you will provide should cover the cost of staff salaries and travel.

Tutoring and text translation services

Those people who are in their senior year of university can try their hand at providing private lessons. You can teach core subjects. If you’re a future teacher, then one option of earning could be to prepare a child for school, exams, in the performance of homework, and so on.

Speaking of the students of philological and translation specialties, they can start earning on tutoring and providing services for the translation of articles, as well as documents. There are benefits from such employment. You get both professional experience, a portfolio, and an income.

The beauty business

It’s no secret for everyone that beauty services will always be in demand. That’s why, as a student, you can earn money by creating hairstyles, performing makeup, and manicure services. Mastering the profession is not difficult. You only need to finish specialized courses. The most important thing in this area – responsibility and the desire to provide quality services.

Where to Find Time to Work

For people who are just thinking about starting their own business when they are students, the question of how to combine study with a full-time job arises sharply. And indeed, in the pursuit of earnings, you should not forget about the fact that you are a student who needs to devote time to studying, doing homework, and writing research papers.

It is worth thoroughly analyzing your desires and opportunities and prioritizing what is more important to you. If you equally want to have success both in your studies and at work, you should take advantage of online homework writing services to free up more time. You can find cheap services on Reddit, it will help you to understand this issue in more detail.

The main mistakes in starting a business

Starting your own business as a student, very often there are common mistakes. The main ones are:

  • Lack of an idea. Without a clear idea of what you will do, you will not succeed.
  • Lack of market analysis. You need to weigh the pros and cons of your chosen field. Learn more: Market research is the main helper of business.
  • Lack of a business plan. Finding examples of business plans for students is not difficult. After spending a few hours of time on this, you will definitely be able to find a suitable one, which only needs to be adjusted to the conditions of your city.
  • Banal laziness. If you have taken on a case, then do everything possible to implement it.


If you started to work for yourself, you must register yourself as an individual entrepreneur.


To become self-employed, you need to get an identification number. This can be done by mail, fax, or through the website of the tax service. On the site, you need to fill in information about yourself, bank details and indicate where you work: at home or in the office.

Everything takes two weeks. You do not need to write an application to the IRS. The tax office understands that you are self-employed when you file a special form 1040 return.


In America, the simplest system is that all self-employed people pay 15.3% of their income. That includes 12.4% income tax and 2.9% health insurance. If you make more than $137,700 a year, you pay only for health insurance.

January 1 through April 15, taxpayers must file a return for the previous year. There are three ways to file it:

  • Fill it out by hand and take it to your local IRS office.
  • Through a form on the U.S. IRS website.
  • Through a tax agent.


A business for a student is an achievable goal. Almost anyone can learn to combine study with entrepreneurial activity. It is important to want and strive to achieve results, not to be discouraged if something does not work out, and to look forward only to the quality result.


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