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Can destructive actions help save the planet? | | Richard Reed and Indigo Lumberlow

No: If you don’t like shocking trickery, the answer is simple.Join us and be on the moderate side

nothing is working. More diplomatically, nothing has worked as well as the required pacing yet. Is it any wonder that despair is growing?

The closest thing to work was annihilation rebellion April 2019. Radicals in the environmental movement, pierced by complacency and denial, have permanently raised awareness of climate change. However, the ultimate goal of lobbying the UK government to take meaningful action on climate change was not achieved.

Governments around the world do not take the findings of climate science seriously. In parallel, the same governments are resisting the frank and horrific truths the world can do. not lower than 1.5C “Safe” heating limit. It is highly unlikely that this year’s UN climate summit, which begins in Egypt in a week’s time, will admit this failure. But at heart, anyone interested in the climate debate knows.

So wouldn’t it be refreshing if academics, environmental and business leaders, even ardent politicians, not to mention activists, would admit that nothing really works yet? I believe that we are waiting to tell the truth of the matter and provoke a broader public reaction. there is no.

This is the immediate tragedy. Because from my point of view it’s frustrating to have so much energy and effort fully emerge. new modest side – all about you: all about where do you work Or the community you live in collectively acting every day to turn around the legacy of failure outlined above.

As an example, a lawyer can represent a professional agency by choosing which clients and what kind of business to do. The same is true for insurance companies that can disclose what they know about the growing threats we face. For scholars and teachers, it means transforming the content of teaching and research. And for those with access to land, it’s about building resilience and engaging entire communities, including those who disagree politically.

It is about fully facing, sharing, and acting on the reality of the situation. This is the exact opposite of the fatalistic recipe. Instead of something even remotely resembling a proper plan from our ‘leaders’, we need to embody an exit strategy from fossil fuels. Otherwise, it will be expelled into the fossil record.

It is therefore clear that the next big step forward in combating climate change must involve the general public. together we polarizing lureroll up your sleeves and get down to business by identifying (and changing) the underlying reasons for past failures.

My challenge to all readers who don’t want to throw soup… Would you like to take part. Please do so. Make the new moderation aspect a reality. It’s too late to keep ourselves safe, but it’s never too late to protect ourselves from a full-blown climate collapse.

Dr. Rupert Reed helped launch Extinction Rebellion. He is currently co-director of Moderate Frank his incubator.his latest book Why Climate Change Matters

Yes: Half-baked tactics won’t win people’s hearts.So let’s raise the stakes

You are asking about tactics – which ones work and which ones don’t. Why do your newspapers want you to think? Why do they want you to pit people in action against each other? like? Why would they want to obsess over you about who’s right and who’s wrong when climate collapse looms over us all?

The difference between those who accept the reality of this momentous moment in human history and is ready to act and those who do not is clear.

Let’s face reality. Climate change shatters the deepest ties that hold us together: family, health and community.

In Pakistan, 33 million people have had to leave their homes. In sub-Saharan Africa, 146 million people do not have enough to eat. Thousands of lives have been lost due to the summer heat waves we have experienced here.

And this is just a small hint that catastrophe is approaching. Everything about this situation is devastating.

We cannot awaken the world to this reality without disrupting our own daily lives. Blocking roads, throwing soup, and painting luxury stores orange are nothing compared to the chaos that has already affected millions of people around the world.

Our governments need to wake up – and that’s exactly what chaos can bring. It is an electric shock that calls people to join us in the fight. When we take action, we are calling people to defeat the fear of oppression and join civil resistance.

Moderate tactics fall short of people at this visceral level. So they can and will be ignored. In 2003, a million people marched to stop the Iraq war, but did nothing. How many tweets, letters, petitions and marches have there been since we learned that oil is killing us?

Please answer this honestly. If our government is ready to destroy humanity in a race for oil profits, why listen to murmurs?

Historical precedent teaches us that only chaos can break through in extreme situations.So we’ve got our lineage to be suffragists, Rosa Parks, and freedom riders And to the fight for LGBTQ liberation. These are our sources of inspiration and show that civil resistance works.

Finally, a question for our dear readers. Will you stand with us to protect your freedom and rights and all that you love?

Indigo Lumberou Just Stop Oil

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/oct/30/are-disruptive-tactics-winning-hearts-minds-bid-highlight-global-heating Can destructive actions help save the planet? | | Richard Reed and Indigo Lumberlow

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