Canada and the United States support trans and gender rights before the SheBelieves Cup

Women’s soccer teams from the United States and Canada spoke out on gender and transgender rights before Thursday night’s SheBelieves Cup game in Florida.

The United States won the game 2-0 thanks to a goal from Mallory Swanson.

Players from both teams wore purple tape around their wrists to symbolize gender equality. They also wore white tape with the message “Defend Trans Joy”.

Canadian teams are playing in the SheBelieves Cup under protest. fight for equal treatment with their male counterpartsTheir coach, Bev Priestman, said: thinking of quitting her role With the reigning Olympic champion over controversy.

The Canadian players wore T-shirts with the message “enough is enough” before kickoff. They also released a statement stating that they would “continue to wear purple until our association puts in place standards that ensure equal treatment and opportunity.”

The US women’s team says it supports the Canadian players’ protests.

In a statement, the USWNT Players Association said, “We are on the other side of this battle and can focus on playing on the field, but our counterparts in Canada and elsewhere are more than willing to help us face the challenges we face.” experience the same pervasive misogyny and unequal treatment as

“We support all women’s football players to not only draw attention to their collective struggle, but also join the fight to eradicate all inequalities and discrimination that exist in our sport, I call on everyone to help.”

Both teams’ support for transgender rights was in response to recent legislation in Florida, where the game was played. It will prevent minors From taking hormones or undergoing surgery to treat gender dysphoria.

US Forward Alex Morgan recently said Teams should consider whether to play in states with restrictions aimed at transgender people.

“Looking at each of these games in Florida and Texas, we need to continue to strengthen it and have internal discussions with the teams… for the right thing to do,” Morgan said. Canada and the United States support trans and gender rights before the SheBelieves Cup

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