Celtics’ Jaylen Brown, Rams’ Aaron Donald terminate Kanye West’s agency | US Sports

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and Boston Celtics swingman Jaylen Brown signed a deal with Donda Sports, a brand management company owned by the artist formerly known as Kanye West, on Tuesday. ended the relationship.

Donald and Brown signed a deal with Donda Sports earlier this year to represent some of their non-sports interests. Both stars have slammed their Ye-owned agency as the music mogul is now known amid growing international condemnation over his recent string of offensive and anti-Semitic remarks. withdrawn as

German sportswear giant Adidas also ended a highly lucrative partnership with Leaf on Tuesday.

three times donald NFL Defensive Player of the Year signed by Donda Sports after the Rams won the Super Bowl last spring. The seven-time All-Pro and his wife, Erica, condemned West’s “display of hatred and anti-Semitism” in a statement announcing the decision.

“We felt we had a responsibility to send a clear message that hateful words and actions have consequences and that as human beings we must do better,” they wrote. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere near a space where beliefs, voices and actions misrepresent and oppress people regardless of background, ethnicity or race.”

Brown backed off emphatically from his own tentative decision to remain with Donda Sports on Monday, saying Tuesday it was “against anti-Semitism, hate speech, misrepresentation and oppressive rhetoric of all kinds.” We will continue to stand strong,” he said.

Former NFL receiver Antonio Brown was named president of Donda Sports in February, claiming the organization purchased a $2 million suite for the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium.

Donald and Jaylen Brown then signed with Amorphous Agency, which was supposed to represent the athletes in marketing and branding deals unrelated to team contracts. , claimed to be “focused on professional and wellness support.”

Donald and Jaylen Brown appear to be Donda Sports’ only announced clients with a defunct website and a no-posts Instagram account with over 279,000 followers. Celtics’ Jaylen Brown, Rams’ Aaron Donald terminate Kanye West’s agency | US Sports

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