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China calls for ceasefire in Ukraine war

China is calling for a ceasefire and return to negotiations in the war in Ukraine, and Beijing is trying to position itself as a peacemaker in the conflict on the anniversary of Russia’s all-out aggression.

China’s foreign ministry released a 12-item document on China’s position on a “political solution” to the Chinese government on Friday. war in Ukraine, Although many of the measures repeated Beijing’s previous points.

Chinese diplomat engaged in difficult balancing acts It seeks to feign neutrality despite its close ties to Beijing and Moscow over the war, while accusing Washington and NATO of causing the conflict.

“Dialogue and negotiations are the only viable solution to the Ukrainian crisis,” the foreign ministry said in a statement, but did not call it direct war. “All efforts conducive to the peaceful resolution of crises must be encouraged and supported.”

Beijing’s call for a ceasefire is unlikely to receive support in Kiev until Russia withdraws from occupied territory.

Zhanna Leszczynska, acting ambassador to the Ukrainian embassy in Beijing, has ruled out a ceasefire that would freeze the conflict along the current front lines.

“In our view, Russia should unconditionally withdraw all its troops from Ukrainian territory,” she told reporters in Beijing on Friday. She later added that this meant Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders, including Crimea.

Jorge Toledo, who heads the European Union’s delegation to China, said at a joint press conference that China’s written opinion was not a “peace offer.”

Leszczynska added that China should show its neutrality by urging Russia to withdraw its troops and step up its engagement with Ukraine. Chinese President Xi Jinping has not called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky since the Russian invasion, but has spoken with Putin several times.

Professor Shi Yinhong of Renmin University said Beijing probably realized that neither side would listen to its proposals. [it] Neutrality against war must be repeated at this point in order to save international influence, not only by criticizing NATO, but also by distinguishing it from Russia’s actions.

Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat, appeared to be making little headway in pushing the proposal when he met with Putin on Wednesday. threatened Russia’s “existence itself”.

The Beijing newspaper also use of nuclear weapons Called for protection of Ukrainian nuclear power plants in war. It also called for a suspension of sanctions not sanctioned by the UN Security Council, referring to penalties imposed by the US and her EU.

The peace proposal was Considering sending weapons and other lethal aid to Russia to bolster Putin’s war objectives. A year into the conflict, Russian and Ukrainian forces engage in a series of bloody skirmishes in eastern Ukraine, with neither side having clear supremacy, and some Chinese nationalists. There are growing calls for more aid to Russia.

Fu Shijing, former editor of the Global Times, a Chinese nationalist tabloid, defended Beijing’s reluctance to provide direct military aid.

China is already providing “maximum support to Russia’s sanctioned economies” by increasing energy and food imports and maintaining the flow of Chinese “electronics, cars and microprocessors,” it said. Hu said this week.

Imports from its northern neighbor rose 43% last year to $114 billion, while exports rose 13% to $76 billion, according to Chinese customs data, as Russia’s purchases of oil, gas and coal increased. became.

Additional reporting by Maiqi Ding and Nian Liu in Beijing

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