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Chinese tech firms keep a close eye on ChatGPT’s AI skills

On display at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence (WAIC) in Shanghai, China, Friday, September 2, 2022.

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Beijing — Today, ChatGPT’s business story is about the unknown.

Tech giants in the US and China announced this month that they are working on similar AI tools. Their announcements often referred to the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, but provided few details about what they themselves were working on.

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbot ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm in the last few months with its ability to generate everything from poetry to business strategies in human-like conversations.

Still, analysts say the technology is transformative, and the same goes for blockchain and the metaverse.

competitive environment

Here’s what companies, including China, are doing in this specialization of AI.

US startup OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November and raced to beat its rivals. According to The New York Times, citing sources. Public interfaces have skyrocketed in popularity for everything from homework help to strategy development.

OpenAI did not respond to requests for comment.

ChatGPT for business software

Database software startup PingCap already has a ChatGPT-based product on the market. The company has offices in Beijing and San Mateo, California.

PingCap launched “Chat2Query” in January for customers outside of China using the application programming interface published by OpenAI.

According to Liu Song, Vice President of PingCap, the product allows customers to analyze their own operational data, such as best-selling car models, in seconds without knowing any computer programming language. He said Chat2Query is free for clients that process up to 5 gigabytes of data.

“I think the revolution is not in AI search, but in all businesses,” he said in Mandarin Chinese translated by CNBC. pointed out.

We believe the revolution is not in AI search, but in all businesses

Liu Song

Vice President of Pincap

BaiduChinese search engine and technology giant announced Wednesday that its AI chatbot project will be the first to be incorporated into search and will be available to the public in March.

The product name is “Erniebot” “Wenxin Yiyan” in English and “Wenxin Yiyan” in Chinese, the company previously said.

Little is known about Ernie bot’s capabilities and how it compares to ChatGPT, a Baidu-backed video streaming platform Yew announced plans to connect bots for search and AI-generated content. Baidu-backed electric car startup Jidu, which has yet to start delivering cars, also said it plans to incorporate the Ernie bot.

Alibaba will report its quarterly results on Thursday night.China’s e-commerce and cloud giant said We are testing ChatGPT style technology internally and no launch timeline is provided. However, Alibaba said it has been working on related AI technology since 2017.

China’s e-commerce rival JD.com There was no release date, but “ChatJD” will focus on retail and finance. The company says it helps with tasks like generating product summaries and financial analysis on shopping sites.

TencentThe company that operates the ubiquitous Chinese messaging app WeChat said in a statement that it is continuing its research into natural language processing. This is the area within artificial intelligence that ChatGPT is based on.

During ChatGPT this month It became a trendy topic in China, Even state media analyst note National censorship and data regulations can affect how similar technologies develop domestically.

Nikkei Asia reported Wednesday, citing sources, that regulators have informed Tencent and Alibaba-owned Ant Group. Do not provide access to ChatGPT service On the Platform, directly or through a third party.

The report did not identify which regulator. Chinese cybersecurity regulators Tencent and Ant did not respond to requests for comment.

But in terms of technological capabilities, the US is only months, not years, ahead of China in AI research, Microsoft executives told journalists this month. ChatGPT is not available in China, but Microsoft operates in China.

The government-backed Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence is one of three global leaders in artificial intelligence research, along with partnerships with Google’s DeepMind and Microsoft’s OpenAI.

AI creative content

Kunlun Tech will release an open-source Chinese version of ChatGPT as early as the middle of this year, company president Han Fang told CNBC last week. Open source software is publicly available, and anyone can view, modify, or distribute the code.

The company, which generates most of its revenue outside of China, previously said of its niche web browser: Opera will incorporate ChatGPT Not sure when or with what feature it will work, but it’s built into the product.

Kunlun Tech is already working in the area of ​​AI-generated content such as music.

According to Fang, his commercialization plan is to develop these AI tools first. Creators can then use the tools to create their own creations and publish them for publication on designated platforms. After that, the company will be able to sell ads. He plans to launch the platform later this year.

Possibility of change

Fang said he was directly inspired by the ChatGPT technology in an early version of OpenAI in 2020.

“We’re all talking about the Metaverse, but who’s there?” he said in Mandarin Chinese translated by CNBC. “It just changed our news. Our lives. did not change.”

In contrast, generative AI techniques can deliver immediate value because they work where users are already creating and consuming content, he said. Generative AI can also reduce production costs, making it easier for animators and minority language speakers to create their own content, Fang said.

Why ChatGPT is a Game Changer for AI

The impact on jobs and industry remains significant.

The advent of AI such as ChatGPT means that many “cognitive tasks” seem easier to automate than manual labor, such as in a factory. This comes as a surprise to many economists, says Anton Korinek, professor of economics at the University of Virginia and the Darden School of Business. .

“Impressive, but also a bit scary, is the steady progress in the power of these systems over the past few years,” he said, adding that he expects more powerful AI technology this year alone. rice field.

“This means that these models will have a revolutionary impact on our economy, productivity, labor markets, and ultimately society in general.”

— CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal and Lauren Feiner contributed to this report.

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/23/china-tech-companies-are-closely-watching-chatgpts-ai-skills.html Chinese tech firms keep a close eye on ChatGPT’s AI skills

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