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Codeacademy Review – Is It Worth It?

With over 50 million users, Codecademy has dominated the market for online coding education.

However, before you sign up for Codecademy, it is essential to determine whether or not the platform will meet your needs.

In order to assist you in making a choice, we have prepared this review of Codecademy. I will focus most of my attention on Codecademy Pro; nevertheless, we will also consider other aspects, such as the website’s free courses.

We will examine everything, such as the languages taught, the abilities you will learn, the cost, the benefits, the drawbacks, alternatives, and more.

What is Codecademy?

Codecademy has quickly become one of the most popular and well-regarded online resources for learning to code.

The website provides a variety of tutorials on topics ranging from coding to computer science and everything in between.

You only need to sign up for an account, and then you’ll have unlimited access to various free courses (about 60 in all).

However, the premium edition of Codecademy, known as Codecademy Pro, gives you access to a larger learning resource and the opportunity to get step-by-step instruction.

Codecademy is an online platform that provides users access to free coding education. The platform was established in 2011 by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski.

Who are the instructors?

The curriculum offered by Codecademy is self-guided and does not need the participation of individual teachers.

This indicates that you will be provided with literature regarding a new topic, and you will be required to perform various exercises and difficulties that will assist in implanting that concept into your memory.

This makes perfect sense given the high technical complexity inherent in programming and the critical need to gain practical experience.

How does Codeceademy work?

Codecademy has a simple method of operation. It offers classes in a variety

of languages for both free and a fee.

  • Python
  • R
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • HTML 
  • CSS
  • SQL

And how these can apply to:

  • Web development 
  • Computer science 
  • Data science 
  • Machine learning 
  • IT 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Data visualization 

Courses are designed with the student in mind, providing opportunities for practice, repetition, and the completion of many instructive tasks.

In a code-as-you-go approach to education, students are introduced to a new idea, shown some relevant examples, and then tasked with implementing the idea to solve a problem.

Over sixty of Codecademy’s courses can be accessed without charge. You can pay for access to Pro if you want even more stuff, which will give you that access. This is a premium membership that may be paid on a monthly or yearly basis, and it grants you access to the following features:

  • Extra classes with even more information.
  • Detailed instructions
  • The potential of being awarded certificates
  • Projects based on actual events in the world 

How to open a Codecademy account

The procedure for setting up an account on Codecademy is very simple.

Your email address and a secure password are the first things that are required of you.

After you provide those data, you will hopefully get an email confirmation that grants you access to your account.

How much does Codecademy cost?

Is Codecademy free?

With over sixty free courses covering programming languages and computer architecture, Codecademy offers a wealth of information to anyone interested in learning more about computer science.

This indicates that you won’t have to pay a penny to access hundreds of hours’ worth of coding tutorials and instruction of the highest caliber.

Signing up is as simple as providing your email address in the appropriate field.

In addition, new users are eligible for a free Codecademy Pro trial for seven days.

Codecademy free vs. Pro

Access to more than 60 fundamental courses is included in the free version of Codecademy. These courses include topics such as computer science, information science, and the beginning stages of learning various programming languages.

How much does Codecademy Pro cost?

If you want to pay for your subscription to Codecademy Pro monthly, the cost is $39.99 per month. However, if you pay for it annually, the cost is just $19.99 per month.

In addition to everything you receive with the normal free edition, you will also have access to member-only courses and information, step-by-step coaching, certificates of accomplishment, and the opportunity to complete projects relevant to the real world.

Codecademy Teams 

Codecademy offers a solution tailored to the needs of organizations and teams.

Everything in Pro, including unrestricted license switching and performance reports for a whole team or network, is at your disposal with this plan.

So now, everyone on your team may take advantage of some of the best CS and coding classes available anywhere.

This professional development is very useful in today’s increasingly digital labor market.

What a lesson is like

Because there is such a wide variety of content to cover in the field of computer science, no two lessons are ever the same. This is because computer science is an extraordinarily diverse field.

Codecademy maintains a fairly consistent brand, and most of the elements included in each course are relatively comparable to one another.

The coding lessons on Codecademy are presented in a format known as “code as you go.” In the beginning, a fundamental idea is broken down and presented to the reader.

Who Codecademy is for

Codecademy is accessible to a broad audience due to the breadth of its beginner-level curriculum.

On the other hand, a select few individuals would benefit in particular from the resources made available by the website. These individuals include:

  • Anyone interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of computer science, completely free of charge.
  • People who are interested in learning computer science in a clear manner
  • Anyone interested in advancing their knowledge and abilities in the fields of data science and machine learning
  • Learners who want to acquire knowledge through active, hands-on participation in practical activities
  • Workers who want to lead their organizations into the current era by equipping their whole teams with contemporary abilities 


Frequently asked questions

What are the monthly or yearly fees for using Codecademy?

Codecademy Pro may be purchased for a one-time payment of $239.88 or a monthly subscription fee of $39.99.

Is there a way to get your money back from Codecademy?

The answer is no; there is no return policy for Codecademy Pro; however, a free trial lasts for seven days.

How many different classes are there to choose from on Codecademy?

There are more than sixty free courses, and the collection grows when you upgrade to Codecademy Pro.

Does Codecademy provide a free trial version of its services?

On top of the free classes that can be found on Codecademy, there is also a free trial for Codecademy Pro that lasts for seven days.

Does Codecademy award certificates?

However, this is only feasible with Codecademy Pro. These certifications could indicate that the recipient has engaged in active study and has a clear understanding of computer science subjects.

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