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Construction News: Case Unleashes Revolutionised E Series Excavators

CASE CE E Series Excavator

Operator Experience Benchmarked by CASE CE 

Seven new models of the E Series range excavators have been introduced by the industry leader which also includes two new size categories. Each and every model has prioritized on the element of total and complete operator experience from both performance and control aspects.

The new excavators are expected to deliver productivity unlike ever before and all the while without the compromise of operator satisfaction. From operational efficiency all the way to reducing ownership cost and robustness, CASE CE has raised the benchmarks for excavators exceptionally high this time!

Case Construction Equipment has maintained their zest in rolling out top notch heavy machines such as the Case Minotaur DL550 and seven new E series excavator models that help operators to be more productive than ever before. Enhanced hydraulic systems, higher precision, exemplary efficiency and total comfort renders these new models top of their classes.

This new line of excavators takes operator satisfaction to a totally new level and coupled with their low ownership cost and much higher efficiency these new models are expected to increase sales for CASE significantly.

From the design aspect of the new roll out to exceptional engine power and responsiveness of control systems via OEM-fit 2D and 3D platforms, the machines simply redefine precision excavation solutions. According to Brad Stemper who is the head of product management for the North American region, the new E Series roll out revolve around powerful, seamless and controls that are receptive to the requirements of the operator.

Stemper added that Case has maintained their consistency with regards to continuous improvement of controls that are focused on “total operator experience.” The seven new models that are to be rolled out are as presented in the table below:

Model HP Operating Weight
CX140E 102 28,900 lbs.
CX170E 121 38,400 lbs.
CX190E 121 41,000 lbs.
CX220E, 162 52,000 lbs.
CX260E 179 56,909 lbs.
CX300E, 259 67,000 lbs.
CX365E SR 205 78,600 lbs.

The new roll out effectively replaces five primary Case excavator models and introduces two brand new models (CX190E and CX365E SR) into the market. Customization has not been excluded and specific models come with select configurations. However, this new roll out under the E series range does not affect the stand on the D Series excavator models as the production of these machines will continue to be a part of the Case product offering.

Stemper also indicated that the D series will also be subjected to changes under the next-generation versions of the D series which will be introduced soon enough. Among the seven newly introduced models, The CX190E stands out as an exceptional model. This is mainly due to the fact that this particular 41,000-pound machine fits nicely into an integral component of demand for project managers and contractors in most parts of the world. The CX365E SR heavyweight has also been developed according to the needs and wants of our partners indicated Stemper.

According to him construction companies have made it very clear to Case that they want an excavator that has a swing radius excavator that is minimal within the 3.5 metric ton category. The size and power that this machine has to offer within limited space environments enhances the level of versatility of this new model and given the fact that they are also equipped with 3D OEM machine control systems they are able to drive performance and efficiency that adds value to projects consistently throughout the duration of the projects.

Emphasis on Control & Confidence at Project Sites

The fact the new designs are totally focused on enhancing total operator control and experience merges the environment of the operator and machine performance in a way that they complement each other.  Design factors and the machine interface are indeed the more noticeable element within the cab of these new E Series excavators.

The latest 10 inch LCD display that have been added provides better visibility to not just the cameras, but also machine data and various control functions. The LCD display allows the operator to have a clear and present view of the excavator’s surroundings whilst still having access to the control functions with ease. The enhanced visibility functions increases the level of jobsite awareness for operators. The machines also offer Case Max View display as an option which optimises visibility and enhances the operational aspects of the machine with 270 degrees of visibility.

The enhanced control and customisation via five buttons that are configurable to an operator’s most utilised functions such as machine information, fuel consumption, emissions controls and as well as auxiliary hydraulics choices. The hydraulic systems have been redeveloped and the latest hydraulic flow control balance come with new and extended attachment controls which may also be controlled via the display.

Emphasis on Ergonomics

The emphasis that Case also has channelled into operator comfort has never been greater, building upon the ergonomics that were introduced in the D Series excavators the new enhancements include suspended operator station which basically means that the seat is locked together with the console which gives all operators the same experience regardless of their size. All operators will have the same experience with regards to the orientation to everything they use or utilise within the cab such as armrests and controls.

Engine & Hydraulic Power

Case excavators have been noted by the entire industry to be able to offer among the smoothest and most responsive hydraulics within the scope of the construction industry attributed to the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System Function. The addition of the latest FPT Industrial engines to the newly introduced machines coupled with the latest enhancements to the hydraulic mechanisms has resulted in the machines being able to provide greater power on demand which inevitably increases performance significantly.

The new engines have the capacity to offer greater displacement, more torque and horsepower than their predecessors. It was based on the excess power that the machines consist of four brand new working modes (Super Power, Power, Eco and Lifting mode). There are also the throttle settings that allow 10 different settings depending on the task at hand.

The controls also allow operators to work with a level of precision like never before and given the low maintenance cost and the level of robustness of these machines, makes the machinery excellent for excavator hire and lease arrangements. Case has surely set a new hallmark for their E series excavators.

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