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Cryptology: the Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Before becoming a trader, each of us started with something. This is the hardest part. How to find a suitable exchange market? It doesn’t have to be large. The easier it is to work on the platform, the more productive your activity is.

This is the approach I use when looking for a suitable operator for exchange transactions. Let’s see what features it should have.

Simplicity. This is the very first and rather intuitive characteristic that you should be guided by when choosing an exchange for financial transactions. Don’t waste time on useless interfaces and information that distracts you from the deal.

Available services. There is no need to overpay for each of your actions on the platform. Also, don’t forget about hidden fees. I am looking for one that works transparently.

Legality. All exchanges operate around the world. But before you get started, check if it is legal in your country. Do not waste time on registration and all the formalities, first find out the possibility of the exchange to provide services for you in your country of residence.

Credit assistance. This area has very fast operations. Sometimes there simply may not be enough funds for the planned operations. Look for an operator who is ready to help you with a loan at any time.

The ability to compare. Too many e-currencies can distract you from transactions or confuse you. Focus on the main types, choose among the most popular, and fund your funds.

Fast cash-out. Your exchange should help you withdraw funds quickly and easily. In the field of e-currencies, this is a very important indicator. The process shouldn’t take long and should be legal.

Cryptology: the E-currency Exchange with 0% Fees

This review will show you that the Cryptology online operator has all the modern conditions to buy crypto. All its website and market features are simple and working at the proper speed to help your business operations all over the world. The developed software of the platform can be installed on the desktop, any kind of mobile OS, and tablets. Zero fees for BTC futures trading and a very generous welcome reward for portal participation should attract your attention.

This exchanger meets all the requirements of a simple and reliable trading platform. Here you will find the option of exchanging futures with zero commission and a 100% deposit bonus of one 100 dollars for each new client.

You get this opportunity until September 30th. Your first deposit should be one hundred dollars, and all this comes with up to one hundred times leverage.

A New Platform’s Opportunity for You

The operator opens the opportunity for you to earn passively online from September this year. This service is called Cryptology Earn. It allows you to effortlessly have passive income when exchanging e-currencies. Different currencies bring different incomes. On BTC futures trading, you can get up to eight percent per annum, and some other crypto will bring you up to fifteen percent per year. This is although all deposits are free – pay attention.

Registration Process and Verification

The registration process is that thing on the website where you need to spend a lot of time. Tre procedure is not complicated and for a new client takes just a few moments:

  • open official portal website.
  • start the signup procedure.
  • fills up the form with your name, second name, proper email address, and personal password.
  • pick up a type of account you want to open: trading or global.
  • confirm personal information for further activities here.

Global account will help you use the funds and e-funds that you deposit to the platform using any bank card or transfer. It also allows you to withdraw any amount, but fiat money can be cashed out only to the same account.

Trading account will help you deposit any funds, but you can only withdraw crypto.

Other types of funds can be transferred through debit cards, but such funds are withdrawn from a global account only through a bank transfer.

The more important process is verification. This you need to do to have the opportunity of using all platform instruments for BTC futures trading.

  1. Prove your identity with a photocopy of your passport or any other ID documents. Even a driving license can help you with that.
  2. Prove your place of residence. Any official bill or bank check can be used for that.

You need to download all this information in the proper field in your account and send them. Wait for a confirmation note from the administration that aloud you all finance operations here.

Another Important Feature

One of the features you will need is Cryptology Spot Exchange and Futures. It’s easy to use, even for a beginner. Here you will find your previous entry, all trades, and orders. This will help you trade or use credit assistance when needed.

Depositing Methods and Withdrawals Information

Payment for services today on the platform is very low. For any recipient and sender, it is 0.002 of the transaction. It may vary depending on the type of transaction, but all conditions are strictly regulated by the operator’s rules. This is for e-currencies.

And for ordinary money, a commission is charged up to three percent with a minimum transfer of 25 dollars. Some regions of South America pay less for transactions – up to 2 percent for a minimum contribution of one dollar.

Deposits in euros from the single European zone are subject to a commission of up to 0.5 percent, and if you have passed the verification procedure, then there is no commission at all with a minimum contribution of 25 dollars. You can also withdraw regular money here for 7 euros with a minimum transfer of 50 euros.


The operator provides services all over the world. But this does not mean that it is available in your country. For example, its services cannot be used in North America and Japan.

It is known that some competitors began to leave Europe, but Cryptology is not going to leave this region and still provides its BTC futures trading services there.

Cryptology Strengths and Weaknesses

Like any online company, Cryptology has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them in order again.


  • Fast and professional support, especially important for beginners at the initial stage of the portal.
  • The operator is available worldwide (specify your country)
  • Great welcome bonus of $ 100 for the same deposit
  • E-currency trading without commission until September 30
  • Credit assistance up to a hundred times
  • The order size is very low – from ten cents


  • Prevents the withdrawal of regular funds from a regular account
  • No margin on the spot market


After studying this review you should agree that this online BTC futures trading operator meets all market requirements to be a competitive e-currency agent for dealers. The Cryptology meets all clients’ demands and proposes to them a nice permanent greeting reward and unique promo – zero fees for e-currency trading till September 30.


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