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Defining workplace violence as per the employment lawyer California

Workplace violence is not a newly coined word. It is something that most employees, employers, and visitors face every other day at workplaces, be it a big corporate office or a small retail store. The term “workplace violence” is not limited to behavior or threats of physical violence, harassment, blackmail, disruptive conduct, physical attacks, or homicide that occur on the job, but also to the attitude, threats, and verbal abuse that accompany it as well. Workplace violence, in any form, is a huge problem for companies and employees across the country that affects both the financial condition and reputation of an institution. We are experiencing an alarming increase in workplace violence worldwide. Thus preserving the rights of the employee and employer at the workplace is of utmost importance.

 Who is at a higher risk of violence at the workplace:

 Anyone can be a victim of workplace violence at any moment, and nobody is safe. Some employees, though, are in more danger because of their profession and gender. They include workers who: trade money with the public, transport passengers and products, or work alone or in small groups in high-crime areas or in community settings and households where they have significant public engagement. For example, workers in healthcare and social service, parole officers, teachers, reporters, cable TV installers, delivery men, and retail workers.

 Here’s how an employment lawyer in California can help.

1. Representation

Employment lawyers can represent both employees and employers in employment law matters at the state and county levels.

2. Justice

Employment lawyers can guarantee that all employees are treated fairly and that employers adhere to all of the various local, state, and national standards that exist in today’s workplace.

3. Going over the EEOC training module

Employment lawyers can assist in developing and reviewing employee workplace violence training modules both for online training and hardcover handbooks as per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines. Their expert guidance on employee rights and duties can be beneficial in preserving employee rights in the workplace.

4. Implementing a zero-tolerance policy

Employment lawyers can help in establishing a zero-tolerance policy towards workplace violence and harassment, and just-rumination policies against or by their employees.

5. Examine the job offer

Employment lawyers can help with reviewing job offers. Employees considering accepting a job offer can consult with an employment lawyer to make sure the contracts they sign will set them up for success in their new position.

6. Handle unwelcome behavior

Employment lawyers can help the employee deal with unwelcome behavior at the workplace. An employee might benefit from consulting an employment law attorney (they have probably encountered similar situations before) for suggestions on the simplest solution that won’t jeopardize the mutual employment relationship.

7. Negotiating an exit package

Employment lawyers can work with an employer’s legal team to help facilitate a gradual and happy exit for an employee, rather than having them leave the organization abruptly. An employment lawyer can help in negotiating an exit package-for longer-term employees looking for an exit route, there may be an option other than announcing a speedy retirement.

8. Executing growth changes in operations

Employment lawyers can help the employer minimize the impact of operational changes on employees. Change is a universally acknowledged truth for growth. Businesses that are doing well may want to expand or even merge with another firm, while businesses that are struggling may need to make significant adjustments to their operations.

9. Examining employee contracts

Employment lawyers can help in reviewing the employment contract ahead of time to protect the employee and employer from future litigation. A badly handled termination may be the most vexing thorn on an employer’s side. 

10. Dealing with discipline issues

Employment lawyers can help in dealing with discipline issues involving employees for employers. Employers are simply human, and it may be tempting to fire a problematic employee right away. A progressive punishment strategy for infractions of current workplace regulations can aid in the correction of workplace performance difficulties and make additional terminations simpler. An employment lawyer can assist the employer in developing the best ways to improve your team’s overall performance.


An employment lawyer in California can be the finest resource when it comes to workplace concerns for both employees and employers. Employment lawyers are knowledgeable about a wide range of workplace difficulties and can assist you in finding the best solutions for your specific circumstance. While some employment lawyers only work with employers or employees, we believe that working with both sides allows them to better reach the organization’s goals together.



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