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Different Types of Shirts & How to Wear Them

The shirt is the base of the men’s wardrobe. It is difficult to imagine the style of a modern man without it. However, when choosing a suitable model, difficulties arise sometimes. This piece of clothing is universal, but it is worth considering that different types of shirts match different styles. In this article, we will tell you what styles there are, and how to wear them.

Two types of men’s shirts

All men’s shirts can be divided into two main types — classic and sports.

  • Classic type

Classic ones are strict, restrained, and universal. They are sewn from soft, thin cloth. Classic type does not attract excessive attention with their color. Classic work shirts are often made in a monochrome color, white or light blue shade, or in soft, calm tones. An acceptable variance from color uniformity is a small, unremarkable dark stripe on a light background. Shirts of the classic type are elements of an official suit, and often they are worn with a tie. Therefore, the collars of classic products are stiff. The lower section of classic shirts is traditionally made curved, shorter along the side seams, convenient for tucking into trousers.

Different Types of Shirts & How to Wear Them

  • Sports type

Sports shirts do not have such restrictions as a classic ones. In addition to thin and soft fabrics, more dense, rude fabrics, such as denim, are used in their manufacture. The structure of the fabric is also varied: cotton, wool, flannel materials. Sports shirts are free in terms of color. It can be almost any: light and dark, bright and calm, monotone, has various patterns (wide and narrow band, cage of different size, floral prints, etc.). Sports shirts are usually worn in informal settings, without a tie and not tucking in trousers, so their collars – soft, and the lower cut – is straight.

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How to wear a man’s shirt?

Here is some advice.

  • The color and design of this type of clothes should match the situation and the common style. For business meetings and official events, it is better to use classic ones and in everyday life, and in places where an informal dress code is an appropriate wear bright with patterns.
  • Сombine this type of clothes with various textural inserts, cells, or stripes, with other clothes сompetently. The pattern on it should match the color of the suit. Remember that the shirt should be lighter than the jacket, and the tie darker than the shirt.
  • If you do not enough confident in any combination of colors, it is better to choose models in classic colors, such as white, light gray, blue, light blue, black, and light pink. For example, blue men’s shirts are suitable for working in the office and black for visiting nightclubs and bars.
  • The shirt should perfectly fit in size. Tucking it into your trousers or wearing it out is a personal matter for everyone. However, note that long models visually make the height shorter.
  • Learn how to iron a shirt properly, constantly look for the cleanliness and freshness of the thing. This also applies to other items of clothing – shoes, trousers, jackets, and so on.

What to wear with a white shirt

The white one fits almost any style and environment, regardless of the time of year. This thing is truly unique and irreplaceable. From a practical point of view, the white color requires special care, but otherwise, there is no competition. A lot of clothes of various colors are combined with a white shirt – shorts, jeans, trousers, suits, blazers, cardigans, leather jackets and so on. The classic combination is a high-quality white one made of 100% cotton and a dark blue or black men’s suit. A white shirt looks no less amazing with stylish blue jeans. Use different models, turn up your sleeves beautifully, tuck your shirt into your trousers or wear it loose. In business style, do not forget about accessories. For example, choosing a tie for a white model is easier than ever.

What to wear with a plaid shirt

Checkered men’s shirts are rarely worn with classic suits, but in an informal style, they are very popular. In particular, various types of jeans and chinos are perfectly combined with plaid shirts. Play on contrast and combine colors at the same time, but, try to make one of the shades of the cage match the color of jeans, and the other stands out sharply. For example, a model with a large black and white check looks great with blue jeans. Another option is dark gray jeans and a red plaid shirt, by the way, it looks great with a fashionable denim jacket and massive boots. A dark blue blazer is perfectly combined with a shirt with a blue and white check and brown boots. Wear white T-shirts with a checkered men’s shirt, turn up the sleeves.

So, this is some information on what types of shirts exist and how to wear them. Hope that you have found something new in this article and this advice help you to choose the right one. Have a good shopping!


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